Top 12: The Hottest Swedish Pornstars (2019)

Top 12: The Hottest Swedish Pornstars (2019)




It’s common to think that people from Scandinavia tend to be cold and reserved. But that’s certainly not true when it comes to pornstars from Sweden. The juicy ladies on our latest list are anything but shy and timid. So, if you’re into hot Scandinavian blondes, look at this top list of sexy Swedish pornstars.

We will list some honorable mentions that kickstarted the trend of adult modeling in Sweden and go all the way to the latest.

#1 Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross

Kayden Cross or Kimberly Nicole Rath Kamp is another blonde beauty with Swedish roots. She’s won numerous industry awards in the last 12 years and is married to Manuel Ferrara.

Kayden is the kind of babe that doesn’t say no to anal, deepthroating or to swallowing a big cumshot. By now a MILF, watching Kayden Kross perform is a thing of beauty. Get a load of her big tits and silky body on, the exact place where her male pornstar also works.

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#2 Julia Crown

Julia Crown

Long legs, green eyes, and blonde hair are what busty Swedish pornstars should have. And that’s the best way to describe Julia Crown who also known as Tindra Mantel and Julia FTV.

This erotic babe appears in solo and masturbation scenes for the likes of and If you go looking for her work, expect to see lots of teasing, posing, stripping and toy play. Someday she might do hardcore porn, but for now it’s all gentle stuff.

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#3 Amina Axelsson

Amina Axelsson

Yes, these milk makers are big and juicy, but also fake. Nonetheless, who cares when Amina Axelsson is so damn hot? This fit blonde from Sweden is a bona fide cougar, pushing past 40 while still making porn.

You can catch Amina seducing, posing, masturbating and fucking bisexual studs in threesomes on sites like She’s quite the whore.

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#4 Lynna Nilsson

Lynna Nilsson

Swedish blonde babes’ overload! Ms Lynna or Lynna Nilsson has it all: blue eyes, blonde hair, a silky body, and a pair of fake tits. Something that everyone wants to fuck.

She’s starred in creampie scenes, gotten fucked at euro sex parties, gone toe to toe with big cocks and more. Even flaunted her feet and legs in fetish videos. Check her out on

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#5 Ally Kay

Ally Kay

Our bodies are melting already with this epic slut. Much like Ziggy, Ally Kay has that cute, girl next door looks down to a T. But unlike Ziggy, the Swedish pornstar is still making porn after nine years. Starting off at the age of 19, this blonde with small tits has been bouncing her round ass on cocks, trying out dildo machines, and indulging her kinky side with rough and anal sex.

You can watch her banging her brains out and both of her holes on That wild look works well with hardcore porn scenarios.

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#6 Alexandra Stein

Alexandra Stein

Imagine a beautiful Swedish pornstar and your mind will run wild. However, what it will come up will be a simple combination of the usual. In other words, white skin and bleached hair. Alexandra Stein is different in this regard and is the only young brunette pornstar on the list.

Could she be a successor to Jenene Swenson, another slutty babe from the vintage era? To fall in love with miss Stein, one must check her scenes on

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#7 Armani St. James

Armani St. James

Armani St. James isn’t known to a wider (and mainstream) audience, but that does not matter. This Swedish pornstar won us over during her short stint in porn with her yummy natural tits, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Has some stunning scenes and galleries online! They even include masturbation with a baseball bat pictured above. Yeah, what the fuck was that about? Check out some of the most popular free porn sites to find scenes with this blonde.

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#8 Inga Victoria

Inga Victoria

Despite having less brand value than most of her Swedish counterpart, Inga has made it already. This beautiful babe has worked with some of the top porn studios of this generation, surpassing even the legendary sluts from Sweden.

Her beautiful breasts, somewhat fit and relatively flexible body caught us unguarded and never let go. Inga Victoria is a dirty surprise that men dream of, and it’s all on

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#9 Brooklyn Lee

Brooklyn Lee

Brooklyn Lee has Swedish blood coursing through her veins and looks the part as well. She’s dyed blonde, has a marvelous body and a pair of nice, natural tits.

To give you some history, Brooklyn spent a total of 6 years in the business. Thanks to hard work, got recognized with a few awards and got holes demolished with rough sex and black cocks.

Her face fucking and anal scenes on are still some of the best around. Feast your eyes on this bombshell and experience what Sweden is all about.

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#10 Puma Swede

Puma Swede

Coming from Stockholm, Puma Swede or Johanna Jussinniemi has made a big name for herself in the last 14 years. She keeps her body looking young and sexy despite being over 40 and rocks a set of 32F fake breasts.

At first, Puma only did lesbian scenes, but then moved on to make around 100 hardcore porn movies. You name it; she’s done it and done it with some of the top pornstars in the world. Take your pick from the vast collection on, if you want to watch this blonde mature.

That does it when it comes to the hottest pornstars from Sweden. But if you’re still hungry for blondes then check out this list of pornstars with blonde hair. Finally, let us know what you think of our choice and don’t be afraid to leave a few suggestions for us and others to check out.

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#11 Jenene Swenson

Jenene Swenson

Today, in the age of big fake tits, vintage Swedish pornstar Jenene Swenson is a sight to behold. This curly haired goddess rocked a bush and starred in some classic hardcore porn back home as well as in the US.

Best of all, you can still find plenty of her stuff online and enjoy her big ass and giant boobs. It’s best if you look for this bosomy Nordic babe on vintage and classic porn sites. Mainstream networks don’t stand a chance.

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#12 Ziggy Blue

Ziggy Blue

Ziggy Blue or Courtney is a picture-perfect Swedish pornstar with dirty mind. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tight puffy pussy that you just want to pound to shreds each time you see it.

From the age of 19, this 5” 3’ pornstar spent three years making porn and living out all of her smutty fantasies. She played the cute, naive teen or schoolgirl more than once and shined each time. See this real Scandinavian blonde on tubes.

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