Top 20: Smallest Petite & Skinny Pornstars (2024)

Top 23+: Smallest Petite & Skinny Pornstars (2024)


#01. Brazzers
#02. RealityKings
#03. BangBros

Fans of small pornstars, this post is for you. Among others, we’ve covered chubby beauties and old sluts so far.

Now, it’s time to share our top 10 list of tiny, skinny, and petite pornstars. There’s something incredibly arousing about small chicks that leaves us weak at the knees. We just keep coming back for more. If you feel the same, keep reading. Which lightweight babe will be the number one and who’ll go down the flames as the worst of them all? Let’s check them out now.

#23 Aria Lee

Aria might’ve been left out during our original post, but since 2022 especially, we’ve been her number-one fan. No, this isn’t a post about piss, dude.

Stupendously gorgeous with a “girl next door” look can take and ride dick like it’s a universal door key. Sometimes it’s hard to describe a being so perfect, and it takes an individual with a strong will to continue writing instead of doing something more “productive.” So, with all these praises, cum soaked comments, and cheesy descriptions, why is Aria not number one? That tiny butt hasn’t had anal porn experience yet, and to be fair, just less than 20 scenes exist in professional adult networks.

#22 Ashton Devine

Ashton Devine

Ashton Devine is by no means a token ebony. Instead, she’s one of our favorite petite adult models. This four-foot-eleven babe is best known for her incredible interracial scenes and little jiggly tits.

See her twerking ass on cock, and you will become a believer. The lips could take ten different black units, including yours. She needs to get rid of the awful wig or fish the hairstyle; not sure what is happening there.

#21 Chloe Foster

Chloe Foster Petite Pornstar

I think anything below 110 lbs (50 kilograms) should be considered petite, and Chloe Foster matches our specs. Another 106 lbs pornstar with golden hair and stretched asshole. Now, this slut does not seem uncomfortable either, and we wonder… Would Chloe be able to fit a few more dicks down the hole?

We have plenty of small pornstars that can take dick larger than the chubby sluts.

#20 Heather Knight

Heather Knight Petite Pornstar

What’s your take on Heather Knight? The only petite shemale pornstar on the list. I think that with close to 20 females, we are in a good position to include some of the more exotic performers.

Considering a feminine face, a toy in the genital area, and so on, we could bet that most viewers will not even realize that she’s a tranny. So, cast your vote now.

#19 Victoria Tiffani

Victoria Tiffani

Victoria Tiffani, or Cutie Slimmer, is a short and super skinny Russian blonde pornstar. Even though she’s not making movies anymore, you can still enjoy her scenes.

Kinky shots of her doing amateur anal, fucking in public and getting ripped up with double penetration. Make your mouth water with this blonde minx.

#18 Nata Ocean

Nata Ocean Petite Pornstar

Pulling seas of cum, Nata Ocean is a surprisingly tiny and dirty small pornstar that rocks some of the best tits ever. With plenty of blond performers, seeing a natural brunette is so refreshing. But we can go much lighter still.

Nata Ocean weighs 106 lbs or 48 kilograms, low enough to fuck her mid-air but still in the 100s. So, how low can we push the body mass?

#17 Crystal Greenvelle

Crystal Greenvelle

Russian brunette, Crystal Greenville is slim, beautiful and young. These are like three top qualities of any good pornstar. She could have been a fashion model.

Thankfully, she instead turned into her slut roots for double penetrations and gangbangs. Her erotic and sensual scenes are available all over the cum filled web.

#16 Lily Larimar

Likely unrelated to Kendrick Lamar, although working just as hard with her mouth, the blond bombshell in front of your tired eyes is Lily Larimar. Her ribcage is visible in every angle, no matter how you fuck, even in the dark. You could get your unit hard and play Kalimba with your dick and her ribs; now that’s petite!

Since she’s not as experienced as competing pornstars, there are some flaws with the way Lily acts. The worst being her moaning and/or the way she breathes in.

#15 Liza B

Liza B Petite Pornstar

Bad news, boys, Liza B is only doing nude photography for now, and a glamour site exclusive. Keep your eyes open for this petite hottie that will hopefully move into something more serious. Everyone knows that modeling is for self-conscious chicks that are too afraid to do anything else.

Given the opportunity, we believe that Liza B could be one of the future all-time hottest pornstars. Let’s see how she fucks now.

#14 Marica Hase

Marica Hase Pornstar

Marica’s weight varies from 90 to 110 pounds or 40 to 50 kilograms, depending on mood, but that’s still peanuts. She’s the Asian version of Pipper Perri, and with minuscule measurements of 32-22-35, it’s hard to top this pick when you compare specs alone. No, Marica is not an appliance or some gadget, and there’s more to a pornstar than just dimensions, but you get what I mean!

If you look hard enough, there’s more to this cute pie than just the looks. Oh, she’s petite, so there’s no way there are gangbang scenes? Wrong! Marica fucked four black guys at once and loved it.

#13 Luna Lovely

Luna Lovely Petite Pornstar

Short schoolgirl outfit, blossomed butthole, and a skinny pornstar named Luna Lovely. How does that sound for a starter? But, my God, there are plenty of tiny performers on our list, and every single one amazes us, still.

With twenty hot-whores, it’s hard even to remember them. Thankfully, the greatest performers do appear on, the Mecca of petite pornstars, feeding on anal. How wide can you stretch that tiny butthole?

#12 Kiara Cole

Kiara Cole Petite Pornstar

Even Kiara Close, one of the tiniest and slimmest pornstars ever, can’t hide the unfortunate fact about the dude’s dick. It’s pencil-thin and shorter than my index finger, which is messed up. Don’t expect tits or massive curves, just a flat chest and ready-to-feed pussy.

Find Kiara on $0 XVideos Premium, this girl needs some feeding.

#11 Amirah Adara

Amirah Adara

Amira Adara is a short, cute, and feisty Hungarian hottie. We might be biased, but she’s our favorite petite pornstar. Her tight, round ass is out of this world, and she’s down for virtually anything.

Add shit like anal, deepthroat, interracial; you name it. Watch how a hottie from Hungary fucks on I’ve always had a crush on Amirah because she reminds me of my university friend.

#10 Lupe Fuentes

Lupe Fuentes

Grab your dicks! That is a Colombian born Lupe Star, also known as Zuleidy Lapiedra is an extra tiny Latina standing at 4”9. And while not every short slut is skinny, this one is.

She has a tiny ass, gorgeous boobs, and lots of schoolgirl and teen scenes. Stimulate your senses with Lupe Fuentes and jizz all over the walls. Decent pink shows made her stand out in the background, and that’s art.

#9 Chloe Dreams

Chloe Dreams Petite Pornstar

Little is known about this small pornstar, and with just a few videos ever to be released, we must mention Chloe. Not just for her beautiful looks and natural figure but in hopes of seeing more of this marvelous pornstar. Bright hair by design, a yellow thong, and some weird red rashes that should remain hidden.

The solo session that we’ve seen of Chloe left us impressed. Maybe one day a massive porn studio will discover her too.

#8 Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves Petite Pornstar

To give you some history, Kenzie Reeves randomly came under my radar and to everyone’s surprise, she was up for anal almost immediately. In some ways, she reminds us of Riley, rocking a beautiful smile and happy aura.

Kenzie is one nasty slut, licking gapes and assholes of pornstars like Vina Sky. Best of all, if you browse through any of the porn sites, like or whatever, there are more than just a few anal scenes.

#7 Lucy Doll

Lucy Doll Petite Pornstar

Posing exclusively for, Lucy Doll has so many pros that it’s hard to name them all. That would be like describing a brand-new Lamborghini, you know.

We can still try, though, and the first thing that comes to our attention is flexibility. Not only do you get to fuck a hot petite pornstar, but you also bend her in any shape or form. One could even curl Lucy in a ball and keep her in a closet for a quickie.

#6 Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith Petite Pornstar

Constantly pushing the boundaries of her tiny asshole, Janice Griffith is another hot petite pornstar you all know. The benefit of fucking a small chick is that even her pussy will feel as tight as a butthole. Especially when you compare flexibility and elasticity with other industry sluts. is our favorite spot to “investigate” this playful performer who gets extra points for the pussy landing strip.

#5 Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean

If you want to see a tiny white pornstar impaled on big black dicks, Elsa Jean is the best way to go. She’s a dream cum true for lovers of barely legal babes.

Discover this pink pussy cutie on, just be warned. Once you go white on black, one can’t go back. Nicely spread legs and a clitoris that’s larger than Elsa’s nose! That’s a small babe right here.

#4 Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson is perhaps the skinniest pornstar on our list. Despite that, this cute-looking hottie subjects her tiny ass to anal and extreme toying. Let this skinny nympho rock your world with scenes on, which is our top pick for petite porn sites. There are no better alternatives or networks that can match it.

Among dozens of cunts, Gina has one of the prettiest. Just needs to close the gaping hole with a plug made of my meat.

#3 Alex Grey

Alex Gray

My dick is spinning! At 5”2’, this kinky blonde is a petite angel with a delicate body and the sexual appetite of a nymphomaniac. Despite being 21, Alex Grey quickly graduated from erotic and nude scenes to ass-gaping anal.

Watch her work on That’s what you want, right? The photo is from last year when choker collars were the trendiest thing on Instagram.

#2 Dolly Little

Dolly Little

If you’ve ever read Lolita, you know where Dolly Little gets her pornstar name. This ginger beauty is less than five feet tall and loves filming hot and filthy scenes.

She does not even care if these are older adults, teachers, or stepdads. Explore your filthy fantasies with her hot scenes on Yes, the thumbnail for this article is from Dolly, and there’s no better mix than fire color hair with rainbow skittles. Cumming rainbows in 5, 4, 3…

#1 Riley Reid

Riley Reid

Riley Reid is the quintessential petite pornstar. With tiny tits, a skinny ass, and a pretty face, it’s a delight watching her get fucked into a hot and sweaty mess.

But where do you start with a legend like her? How about her work She quickly went from regular to hardcore anal. Riley is also one of your favorites and remains the top-rated slut in this niche.

Written by George Best

A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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