Top 15: Most Famous Male Pornstars with Biggest Dicks (2021)

Top 15: Most Famous Male Pornstars with Biggest Dicks (2021)




Often overlooked, most male pornstars have a tough time in the industry. However, some rise above to become popular across the globe. This time we’ll focus on presenting the best white and big black cock pornstars. We will pay homage to the guys that make porn as exciting as it is.

In no order and with a close-up of their pride and joy in action, let’s go! Maybe this will also inspire you to become a pornstar. Women might get silicone implants but a solution for guys exists too. Yes, I’m talking about the metal rings!

Yes, every one of you insists on adding more brutes with solid hotdogs. However, the reality is far different from what you’re led to believe. A lot of porn videos do exist showing penises of extreme sizes, but a lot of that is just a play with angles.

#15 Sean Michaels

Sean Michaels

There’s nothing that we like more than pairing a tiny white babe with a big black cock pornstar like Sean Michaels. This charismatic adult actor was born way back in 1958 and made his debut in 1985. Yeah, it was that long ago!

He can still hang with rabid little sluts like Elsa Jean. Just a monster-sized legend with more than 1,000 roles under his belt. Many of them are available on, and

Which of the two shall you pick? I’d go with external links in the order that is displayed above.

#14 Jack Napier

Jack Napier

Simply put, Jack Napier is a giant. His one-eyed python has impaled the likes of Riley Reid, AJ Applegate, and London Keyes.

Just takes their breath away yet doesn’t rest on his laurels. Instead, this endowed black stud sows his seed and spreads pussy and ass-destruction wherever he goes. Catch Jack scenes on the

It’s basically the best site for interracial porn, without any other coming even close. Also, did an article about Jack and that only confirms our suspicions… This “breeding horse” is a legit fuck machine.

#13 Ricky Johnson

Ricky Johnson Big Dick Pornstar

It’s always small women that work with big dick male pornstars. Some would say that half of these don’t have anything above average and its perspective fooling most of us. You can calculate his dick length by using the head as a measurement unit.

Not as massive as other male pornstars, but still big in everyday standards. You’d get few compliments with this unit, but nothing out of proportion. I’d say it’s a solid 7 or 8 inches of force.

#12 Shorty Mac

Shorty Mac

Shorty Mac is no slouch and keeps busy by submitting white and black ladies alike to his extra fat black dick. This short African American pornstar goes after amateur girls of all kinds. Will they ever be able to walk again?

Just an expert in pussy stretching scenes that leave his co-stars battling for breath. If you want to see tight cunts pulverized, Short Mac is your man. See more of Shorty Mac on the

If the name makes you question your sense of morality or whatever, do note that the “DogFartNetwork” is the best name there is for interracial and black-on-black content. We’re not kidding, the name is irrelevant, and you cannot ignore this network. This is like refusing to fuck a 10/10 babe because her name is “Hoenish” or whatever.

#11 Mandingo


We’ve come to an end with our list and saved the best for last. The owner of this massive black cock is none other than Mandingo who goes by Fred Foolish or Big Dick Fred. Haven’t already checked this guy out? Then you can take your pick from cock worship, interracial anal, deepthroat, and facial-filled videos.

Mandingo makes ladies lose their minds. You can expect nothing but the best from his work. Watch his enormous dick in action on the

With that, we finish our new top list and leave you with some of the best actors to check out if you like huge dick pornstars.

#10 Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele

Award-winning black pornstar Lexington Steel has an 11-inch-long black cock and a prolific catalog of porn scenes. Most interracial and plenty of black on black. His daunting pear can be considered a rite of passage for pornstars who flock to experience every inch of his monster-sized penis.

As expected, Lexington is known for destroying pussy and testing the inner limits of each lady he comes across. See more of this black stallion on

#9 Bruce Venture

Bruce Venture

Courtesy of Janice Griffith, we can marvel at the sheer size of Bruce Venture’s veiny, two-tone, member. It’s like ice-cream! Maybe that’s why Janice is so delighted to stuff it into her mouth. As far as popularity goes, young Bruce is at the pinnacle of porn.

He has done scenes with some of the biggest names and studios. Find him on, which is a great place for Caucasian big black dick porn.

Who has the largest dick in the world? Bruce Venture. Was that ever confirmed? No. Is this a fact? Nope, but those with small dicks now feel better, so a tiny lie helps to make people’s days better. Anyway, who among all these male pornstars have the largest dick in porn? Lexington Steele is unconfirmed winner with 11 inches of force.

#8 Shane Diesel

Shane Diesel

Another mature black male pornstar, Shane Diesel, Blackzilla, or Big Shane, was born in 1963 and only started porn in 2001. However, he doesn’t look a lick over forty. We reckon all the young white pussy he’s getting is keeping him in good health and looking youthful.

He’s not only one of the top black male pornstars, but he also has among the thickest cocks of all adult actors. Watch his interracial demolition derbies on the

#7 Chris Strokes

Chris Strokes

A white guy with the funniest nickname is Chris Strokes. The sheer capacity of his cum filled balls is impressive, but it’s all about the size in this post. Manages to keep his member erected even post-orgasm, at least for some time.

He might not have the attention or fanfare as other male guys with big dicks, but still worthy of a mention. Banged all the DP pornstars out there, including the hottest of them all.

#6 Dredd

Dredd Big Dick Male Pornstar

Some male pornstars on our list are among the richest in porn, while others become famous for other reasons. Dredd is on the latter half and while his masculine looks landed him plenty of white chicks, it’s the cock that made him stand out.

I’d rather describe a female that is about to get punished with a huge dick than talk about Dredd’s looks. I mean, gay pornstars or talking like one is not my thing.

#5 Prince Yahshua

Prince Yahshua Big Dick Pornsta

Open your mouth wide and see whether you could wrap your little lips around this dick. Is it too big for you or of a perfect size? Prince Yahshua is an African American pornstar with what I’d call a big cock. Wouldn’t scare you at night but could provide your pussy or asshole enough of a workout given the chance.

Do you prefer white or black cocks? Our top 10 has a fair balance between all ethnicities except for Asians.

#4 Mike Adriano

Mike Adriano

If you like rough sex, deepthroats, and especially anal filmed close-up or in POV, chances are you already know all about Mike Adriano. This male legend has fucked truckloads of the hottest female pornstars. Be it in the mouth, between their tits, and in the ass with his thick white cock.

In our opinion, this big cock pornstar is among the best and has a fat boner that girls adore. Watch him on

#3 Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins

Bald to the bone stud, Johnny Sins is a and superstar that you probably already know and love.

Sins had hundreds of roles playing all sorts of characters. Banging the hottest chick’s today’s porn has to offer. His imposing boner is a big treat for every co-star they pair him up with. I haven’t seen a sad face post scene yet.

#2 Chad White

Chad White Big Dick Pornsta

The whitest of all names, Chat has an admirable cock that can’t be easily fitted into any mouth. Not without proper training that is. Judging by the brunette’s tiny hands, this one is a monster! He has length and girth, the best of every world.

Once Chad bangs your girlfriend, there’s no way your pencil dick will stand a chance against the masterful white dong. You’re pretty much fucked at that point, expect that slut to cheat and complain from your now-former girlfriend.

#1 Danny D

Danny D

Coming into this, we knew black stars were a force to be reckoned with. However, Danny D represents the average white guy around the globe with his gasp-inducing monster cock. He’s tall, skinny, and far from the most handsome guy in any room, but he has a weapon in his pants and knows how to use it.

Fun fact, Danny is one of the top-paid Brazzers pornstars as of now. Also, as you know by now, he is a hugely popular big dick male pornstar that’s had his cock inside the sexiest models in the business. Not to mention other things like starring in critically acclaimed scenes, movies, and porn parodies.

He works almost exclusively for

Written by George Best

A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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