Top 20: The Sexiest Granny & Gilf Pornstars Ever (2020)

Top 20: The Sexiest Granny & Gilf Pornstars Ever (2020)




Most people still seem to gravitate towards teens and young pornstars. But we’re going to make a case for grannies or GILFs as fans like to call them! Of course, the experience is on their side, but they also have gorgeous bodies.

Especially when you consider that our top 10 of the sexiest grannies and GILF pornstars contains starlets pushing past 60 years of age. So, let’s dive in and see who made it onto our list.

#1 Deauxma


Deauxma or Doe Mae is one of the hottest GILFs on our list and has appeared in tons of porn of all kinds. Slutty granny with giant tits loves black cocks, swingers, grinding with young lesbians and bondage.

Yes, she looks better than majority of granny pornstars, but then again… We cannot deny that all of these sluts are hot. Many of her porn videos are available on So, be sure to check the shit out of her.

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#2 Dee Williams

Dee Williams GILF

That’s a perfectly stretched granny anus, straight of a chocolate factory of Willy Wonka. Fucking granny pornstars saves money on lube as these caves have been explored by generations. Hopefully, there’s no mold or other nasty things inside.

Do grandmothers rock trashy tattoos? Obviously and Dee Williams has more than one to prove that. Head over to for more.

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#3 Syren De Mer

Syren De Mer GILF

Well, how about this kind of party? The very first gangbang among grannies certainly got our dicks interested in Syren De Mer. With constant pressure to appear as good as the day before that, women must find the blessing in adult industry. With all that attention, creepy comments and more.

Hit your daily dosage of granny porn at and dozens of their other bonus sites.

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#4 Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley

Nina Hartman is a porn legend. This blonde GILF pornstar is beautiful and that is the least we can tell about her. Always ready to fuck and with a big tight ass as well as large boobs.

Nina is second to none when when time comes to fuck and can bring your granny & mature porn fantasies to life. Like, no matter how kinky you are. Nina has a wealth of videos, but and are where we'd start our binge.

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#5 Sally D’Angelo

Sally D’Angelo

Although Sally Dangelo started out a just a few years ago, it does not really matter. For example, this granny pornstar has won over many fans with her huge tits and sexy scenes on.

Sally is your typical blonde GILF bimbo, hungry for young white and black cocks. Although one should also not discount her pussy eating abilities.

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#6 Tahnee Taylor

Tahnee Taylor GILF

Those two are some of the most impressive breasts of any grandmother. There aren’t enough wrinkles or sagginess to make them appear old. In fact, if you enjoy BBW pornstars and plumper girls in general, this is a good chick to follow. Has identical twins of those other sluts.

Squatting in a weird position and still full of energy, that’s the Tahnee Taylor for you.

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#7 Gina Milano

Gina Milano GILF

Perhaps the sluttiest of all the grannies on the list, Gina Milano doesn’t shy away from facials, anal or other kinky acts of kindness. Working for, this short-haired petite certainly conquers many in terms of energy, looks and openness for new things.

White guys are the absolute favorite of Gina and two years ago, she has celebrated the 60th birthday. Here’s to another decade in porn.

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#8 Granny Anett

Granny Anett GILF

Guys, is it me or do these old sluts still look as good and fresh as half a decade ago? Granny Anett, the worst named pornstar of all time, looks extremely youthful. Maybe it’s the extra fat that stretches or skin or Photoshop, but we dig the style and trimmed pussy.

No complains and can’t find any negatives, unless you absolutely hate short and gray hair. For me, that’s not an issue.

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#9 Laura Layne

Laura Layne

Laura Layne has been a pornstar for more than 20 years and has matured from MILF pornstar into a GILF.

It’s not a rare phenomenon but is not that common either. I remember Lisa Ann talking about this few years ago. With blonde hair, a big ass and 34DD tits, she’s boner-inducing and known for her office sex scenes.

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#10 Persia Monir

Persia Monir GILF

We are never getting tired of this exotic and old pornstar, you all know the name already, but just in case there’s a newbie among us. Let’s welcome one of the key GILF pornstars of this year, Persia Monir. She loves to travel and by final destination we imply fat dicks from everyone around.

Hope into the site of for some of the best granny porn videos.

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#11 Rita Daniels

Rita Daniels

Rita Daniels is almost 70 years old but still looks incredible. It’s like sex gives you extra power and brings back to life.

This brunette GILF, with fake big tits started at 59 and is still going strong! Always indulging her wild side with bukkake, toys, and by seducing young boyfriends or riding black cocks. See for yourself at

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#12 Leilani Lei

Leilani Lei GILF

Do old women enjoy sex, or their constant train of thought is around them nearing the heart attack levels? Imagine thinking about that constantly. Leilani Lei is one of the older pornstars at the age of 54. However, by the looks of it and “all-natural” approach, she pales in comparison with the competition.

The faded gray hair and constantly white, flat chest is not a big turn-on for many. However, if you’re feeling frisky, is waiting for you.

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#13 Gia Giancarlo

Gia Giancarlo

At over 60-years old, granny Gia Giancarlo is stacked and looks better than most teens. Her mature curves are adorned with tan lines! Who would not want to touch those titties?
Moreover, she loves to shoot kinky teacher scenes for major pay porn sites. What more could you want?

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#14 Annellise Croft

Annellise Croft GILF

Let’s taste the armpits of this GILF pornstar, the fake blonde, Annellise Croft. Well over in her 50s, she has been fucking young studs from all kinds of regions and places. With an impressive reach of millions in views, it’s a nice alternative when you aren’t sure what whore to use for today’s fap session.

Seductive, sexy and still as classy as she was ten years ago, the veteran of adult industry.

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#15 Cammille Austin

Cammille Austin

Cammile Austin is a great example of a granny pornstar gone wild. This hot old blonde with blue eyes and big boobs started her porn career late but is making up for it. How exactly? Well, with interracial anal gangbangs scenes on sites such as

Loves to get fucked by thick cocks that make her feel young again.

#16 Erica Lauren

Erica Lauren

Currently 63, and with 14 years in the business, Erica Lauren is a veteran GILF pornstar. This blonde and blue-eyed babe has plump natural tits and keeps herself fit and sexy. As for late, this slut is now a brunette.

You can watch her in gangbangs, riding a BBC or breaking taboos with teens. What are her limits? As far as we know, none! Her best sex scene is available on

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#17 Robin Pachino

Robin Pachino

Robin Pachino or better known as Submissann, is a busty blonde granny with a tight pussy, pale skin and over 50 movies under her belt.

This too good to be true pornstar has done cuckold videos, interracial anal, BDSM and lesbian scenes. The picture above also reveals her epic and still youthful face.

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#18 Chery Leigh

Chery Leigh GILF

The soul and life of a party, another horny GILF pornstar that is having too much fun. Do you think that Chery was as popular twenty or thirty years ago as she’s now? I always wonder on the events that caused some of these grannies to turn into porn. Pretty sure it’s a divorce or even worse, someone’s death.

Cherry Leigh looks extremely happy here and can be found on bonus sites like

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#19 Cara Reid

Cara Reid GILF

Pushing the seductive granny look, Cara Reid looks like one of those skinny old pornstars that are on the edge of epic. Fuck the saggy tits and other, age-related “diseases”, how about some fake tits… Grannies can look amazing too and it’s all due to the plastic surgery.

Obviously, you do need to keep yourself in shape and Cara remains committed in this area too. Bet she works out every day, either with gym equipment or bed games.

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#20 Dana Hayes

Dana Hayes

Dania Hays or Dayna Hayes is a blonde American GILF pornstar, perfect for lovers of plump grannies. Even if you don’t fancy her age, the sexiness alone is enough to convince most otherwise

She has devoured dozens of black cocks so far but also munched on many pussies in GILF lesbian scenes. Watching her always gives me good feelings in the stomach.

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Written by George Best

Long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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