Top 13: Most Popular & Best Male Pornstars (2019)

Top 13: Most Popular & Best Male Pornstars (2019)




After many top lists featuring female performers, be it Asian or blonde ones, we feel it is high time to write about male pornstars which tend to get overlooked.

Afterall, many of our favorite porn scenes and movies just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Thus, we’re going to share with you a top 10 list of popular male pornstars and pay homage to our favorite fuck machines. Check them all out below. Surprisingly, unlike popular female sluts, none of them were tattooed.

#1 Manuel Ferrara

Manuel Ferrara

This guy is my number two pick for the best male pornstars. French stud Manuel Ferrara is a porn veteran with years of experience both as a director and performer. He has the accent, the rugged good looks and the hairy chest that leaves women’s panties wet the world over.

He loves threesomes, hard rough sex and anal but still saves some for his latest pornstar wife Kayden Kross. He has been nominated and awarded numerous times both for his performances and as the owner of Manuel Ferrara Productions. If you haven’t already, check him out!

Seriously, visit and peak at the trailers with Manuel.

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#2 Danny D

Danny D

What sets skinny British pornstar Danny D apart is that he looks just like one of the guys. Despite that, he has a mammoth sized cock in his pants and knows how to use it.

His appearances are among the best in the porn industry which resulted in many nominations and awards. He’s a regular for, but also performs for few other sites. Whoever lets him fuck the hottest babes in the business, Danny goes in.

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#3 Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi, dubbed the Italian Stallion, is a legendary male pornstar, director, and producer famous for his rough sex scenes. He started off his career way back in 1987 and has since made more than 1,300 appearances.

He’s known in the industry as wild and unpredictable. A man who pushes limits and boundaries and makes his female co-stars do things they would never try with anybody else. Does he need any further recommendation or praise?

See more of Rocco Siffredi at, his second home.

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#4 Keiran Lee

Keiran Lee

A grower and not a shower, tall English pornstar Keiran Lee has starred in some of the best reality porn around. He’s not the one to pass up pussy so he and his big boner get around.

He’s been patient to slutty doctors, fucked college chicks, swapped wives, boned teachers and screwed a heap of hot pornstars MILFs. Some of the community members might get tired of Keiran, but this is still one of the best male pornstars ever.

See more of Keiran Lee at, where he performs there exclusively.

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#5 Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins

Tall, well-endowed and buffed from head to toe, bald male pornstar Johnny Sins is a hunk most women would love to fuck. He’s a prolific performer and works with some of the top porn studios.

If you want a fantasy fulfilled, then Johnny’s is just the guy to help you out. He stars in many reality porn scenes that cater to all sorts of kinks. Among them, there’s office, massage and gym sex, fucking a police officer and doctor porn. Obviously, he does not shy away from fucking hot teen pornstars either.

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#6 Jordi El Nino Polla

Jordi El Nino Polla

Jordi El Nino Polla or Jordi ENP is a Spanish born porn actor and producer. He’s not your average male pornstar, but he’s among the most popular today. It’s all about that comedy!

Standing at 5” 5’, he’s the perfect actor for stepmom and similar porn scenarios. Mostly because of those legendary looks that make him appear young and he innocent. Even though many of his female co-stars dwarf him in size, he’s not lacking anything downstairs and can fuck his balls off.

He must have an exclusive deal or something because all of Jordi El Nino Polla scenes are available on

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#7 Jmac


Now this dude is fucking funny! Florida native Jmac is a tall and endowed male pornstar that has made a name for himself performing for home state studios like RealityKings.

He’s known for impaling tiny teens such as Piper Perri on his monster sized cock. Loves to lift sluts and throw them on the sofa. In general, slinging his dick in world-class reality porn scenes of all kinds is his specialty.

See more of JMac at

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#8 James Deen

James Deen

A 31-year-old porn actor James Deen is still a heartthrob for many ladies despite some major controversy in recent years. Slim with blue eyes and that guy-next-door look along with a big old cock. Maybe too cute for the guys, but women love him!

When it comes to his performances, James is mostly known for rough sex or bondage. See more of James Deen at

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#9 Charles Dera

Charles Dera

You might not recognize Charles, but that’s because of his recent transformation. This is not even his final form! As of this year, this male pornstar has shaved his beard and left mustaches only. He looks like one of the 80s or 90s studs that all women love.

Takes some time to get used to the new look, but we love him. Especially on where his is slowly replacing other popular male pornstars.

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#10 Xander Corvus

Xander Corvus

Another bald and one of the best male pornstars, Xander is known for his comedy flicks in porn videos. He can act stupid or confused, just the way we like for these parody videos.

As one of the top performers, Xander Corvus has been inside hundreds if not thousands of different pussies.

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#11 Shane Diesel

Shane Diesel

Any lady who likes jacked black guys probably already knows and loves Shane Diesel who is known as Blackzilla. What’s even more impressive than his muscles? That gigantic black cock which leaves even seasoned pornstars taken aback.

Despite his intimidating member, he gets plenty of pussy, especially from cute white teens that are new to the porn industry. If stretching little sluts with a BBC gets you excited, check out Shane Diesel.

#12 Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy

Among pornstars in Hollywood movies, Ron Jeremy is king. He has appeared in dozens of different films over the decades starting with the original “GhostBusters” in 1984. Jeremy is also famous for “Detroit Rock City” and “Ronin” but continues to make appearances in comedies and horror flicks even today.

As for his fuck performance, he used to be good but the age did its thing.

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#13 Nacho Vidal

Nacho Vidal

Producer, director, writer, performer, and even camera operator. Spanish pornstar Nacho Vidal is a man of many talents. In the industry since 1998, this 45-year-old male now runs his own website and has a reputation for being rough and kinky. After all, he was a prodigy of Rocco Siffredi.

If you take a peek at his website, you’ll see a drove of hot European pornstars staring with him in a variety of stunning scenes. He doesn’t pick and choose. Instead, Nacho bangs skinny, BBW, young, mature, black and white babes with an equal lust.

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Written by George Best

Long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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