10 Weird Sex Fetishes That Might Just Arouse and Turn You On




With at least ten years of broadband internet access behind most of us, it’s safe to say that porn has used up a lot of our bandwidth over the years. However, you still might not know about these ten weird sexual fetishes. They range from relatively tame to nasty and might reveal something you didn’t know about yourself and your kinks. Take a look and find out.

Wet and Messy Fetish or WAM

Wet and Messy Fetish, also known as WAM or splooshing, creates arousal when large amounts of various products are applied to clothed or naked models. Some find it appealing in a purely visual way, others get aroused by the sensation on their skin from different colors, textures (sticky, slippery, oily,etc.) and consistencies (thick, runny, creamy, etc.). You can find both hardcore and non-explicit WAM videos online.

Furry Fetish or Yiffing

If you find the idea of butt plug tails, cat ears, and whole animal costumes arousing, then you might be a furry and not even know it. Yiffing is the furry word for sex between two furries. Most of the furry porn you’ll find online will be either 3d or cartoon, so your best bet is to check out live cam shows if you like to see real furry girls.

Although most people find this fetish an absolute turn off, you can see mainstream pornstars adopt some parts of it. For example, Lisa Ann and Jasmine Jae wearing furry tails, or ebony Sarah Banks going all out with a fox tail and cat ears.

Balloon Fetish or Looners

People with a balloon fetish, or looners as they like to be called, love to pop balloons while others just like to play with them and experience anxiety at the thought that they are going to pop. There are also people who enjoy puffing them (inflatable fetish) before they sit or lay down on them.

The fetish doesn’t have to be limited to typical balloons. Instead, fetish sites of this kind use condoms and inflatable toys of all kinds and sometimes combine them with latex, rubber, and smoking fetishes.

Cuckolds and Cuckolding

Simply put, cuckolding is the act of watching your wife or girlfriend have sex with another man. Of course, this involves arousal and full consent. You might be familiar with the fetish through the recently-popularized term cuck.

Often, Cuckolding goes hand in hand with female domination and humiliation. For instance, not only will the wife or girlfriend fuck another man, but will also berate her significant other. Going further, she might even ask him to lick the resulting creampie, suck dick, or get his ass fucked. Sound fun?

Female Muscle Domination

An offshoot of the femdom fetish, female muscle domination features a muscular, strong woman (bodybuilder) overcoming and subduing a man. This fetish can involve a number of different things. They include wrestling, toe licking, face sitting with smothering, strapons, bondage, choking, cock and ball torture, spanking, and of course fucking. If you get aroused by the sight of a strong woman, you might want to go down this rabbit hole.

Foot Fetish

Now here’s something that’s among the tamer fetishes on this list. Foot fetish sex comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes it will involve just the run of the mill toe sucking, footjobs, and foot massages, but other times it can involve dirty and messy feet that your mistress needs sucked and cleaned immediately, you little maggot! If a simple video of photo gallery won’t do, you can live out your filthy fantasies by paying a foot hooker to let you worship and suck her feet.

Extreme Feeding or Feederism

A feeder is someone who experiences sexual pleasure from the act of feeding and fattening up a woman because he is attracted to big women or BBWs. There are whole forums and porn websites dedicated to this weird fetish. Both free and premium porn of this kind that takes what Gorge Costanza did in Seinfeld to a whole new level. You can watch fat girls with big tits fucking and munching on a variety of different foods and desserts.

Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG)

This may have come late but we’ll say it anyway: Here’s where things get weird. Daddy dom little girl, or DDLG for short, is a fetish in which one person takes on the role of a daddy or caregiver, while the other one pretends to be a child. Of course, this involves a relationship between two consenting legal adults, not a real father/daughter one with a minor.

DDLG belongs to BDSM and doesn’t have to involve sex, which we find hard to believe. However, it does encompass child-like activities like play with stuffed animals, pacifiers, specific clothing, reading stories, and spanking or other forms of punishment. This relationship can go both ways; sometimes you have daddies, and sometimes mommies.

Financial Domination or FinDom

Financial domination, known also as money slavery, is a fetish where a submissive male will send a FinDom, or financial domina, gifts, and money. Communication and exchanges can happen in the flesh, or solely online. These types of relationships can involve erotic humiliation and other, similar, BDSM fetishes. Going even further, some people get aroused by what’s called a “total power exchange” where submissive subjects hand over control of their money to a domina.

Adult Babies or Paraphilic infantilism

We saved the best for last. The adult baby fetish or syndrome is also known as psychosexual infantilism. It involves role play where the fetish holder reverts to an infant-like state by dressing up in diapers, baby clothing, or using bottles and pacifiers. Sometimes the role-playing includes soothing and nurturing while other times it is marked by humiliation and punishment.

That’s it for our list of weird sexual fetishes. You might know a few of them, but for most people, this will be their first contact with many of the things listed above. Since some of these might be controversial, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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