Top 10: The Best Orgasm-Giving Female Sex Toys (2024)

Top 10: The Best Orgasm-Giving Female Sex Toys for Women (2024)


#01. Brazzers
#02. RealityKings
#03. BangBros

With such an overwhelming abundance of sex toys for females available online, it’s hard to decide what to buy. However, we’re going to make things a little bit easier for every lady, thereby narrowing down your choice to a few of the best female sex toys.

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We’ve covered different types, from low tech to high-tech, different shapes, and sizes, and price points. All created to give you the best orgasms ever! So, let’s see what we got.

Best Sex Toys for Women

LELO Tiani 3 Couples Vibrator

LELO Tiani-3 Vibrator

The Tiani 3 from LELO has a vibrator on each end for internal and external pleasure and can be hands-free. This rechargeable sex toy also has a remote control for you or your partner.

Buy two and trade remotes if you want to spice things up. It’s waterproof, has eight different settings, and you can use it while having penetrative sex.

Desire Luxury G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Desire Luxury G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

The one toy to hit all the right spots – that’s how we can summarize the G Spot Rabbit Vibrator from Desire Luxury. It offers eight different pulse and wave patterns whose strength you can adjust from 1-12 depending on your sensitivity and mood.

It’s made out of silky-smooth silicone, it’s rechargeable by USB, the battery lasts 60 minutes, and it is 100% waterproof.

We-Vibe Sync Toy

We Vibe Sync Vibrator Toy

If you’re into high-tech sex toys for couples and women, then you should check out the Sync Toy from We-Vibe. It can be used with a partner, but it’s just as great for solo masturbation of the clit and g-spot. Females may control a vibrator through remote control, buttons on the toy itself, or a mobile app from far away. The Sync Toy is hands-free as it hugs the clitoris and is great for use during penetration.

Build quality is excellent, and the whole thing is waterproof and rechargeable. Other than that, it has ten different functions, including the option to switch between the clit and g-spot vibrators.

Louviva Realistic 9-Inch Suction Cup Dildo

Louviva Pink-9 Inch Suction Cup Dildo

Female sex toys like the Louviva Suction Cup Dildo are perfect for those who want a low-tech approach. There are no remotes, no apps, and no settings to adjust. Instead, you just get a big and veiny 9-inch dildo that can be attached to the wall in your shower with a suction cup or on other surfaces.

This thing features high-quality silicone and lifelike firmness – It’s a toy you need to have in your toolbox.

Broad City Dr. Wiz Mini Wand Vibrator

Broad City Dr Wiz Mini Wand Vibrator

Everybody knows about the Magic Wand from Hitachi, but not everyone wants to use it. It’s big, it’s unwieldy and indiscreet, but there’s another solution. Cue the Mini Wand Vibrator from Broad City.

Wiz Mini fits in your hand as it’s around 8 inches long; it has a flexible neck, three speeds, and seven different patterns. We also love it because it’s wrapped in high-grade silicon, making it waterproof, and comes with a rechargeable battery.

Dame Products Eva II Hands-Fre Vibrator

Dame Products Eva II Vibrator

The Eva II is a peculiar-looking vibrator made by Dame Products, which you snuggle into your labia and press against your clitoris. Therefore, Eva is a hands-free tool that you don’t have to strap onto your panties.

Dame Products Eva II is cute, USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof, and looks inconspicuous if you leave it lying around. It has a 3-speed motor, uses medical-grade silicone, and works great with penetrative sex.

Tantus Mr. Universe Wide Black Dildo

Tantus Mr Universe Wide Dildo

The Tantus Mr. Universe is the best female sex toy if you’re looking for girth. It has a 3-inch diameter, 6 inches long, and comes with a matte black finish to a soft silicone body. It is one of the best sex toys for stretching and can be quite a challenge even to experienced users but rewards you with intense sensations. So if you’re experienced or adventurous, try it out.

Vibratex Magic Wand Unplugged Rechargeable

Vibratex Magic Wand Unplugged Rechargeable

If the mini magic wand has warmed up your crotch, then the “real deal” will set it on fire or cause the floods not seen before the start of times. Your pussy will start sweating like the Niagara falls and this is not an experience of myself, but all the women who have tried the magical vibrator.

This is by no means the be-all, end-all top list since there are so many adult sex toys available. However, it’s a great place to start your journey. Try them out if you like them, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Homemade Sex Toys for Women

DIY Vibrators

From massagers and smartphones to beard trimmers, electric toothbrushes, and Wii Remotes, many things can be used as a vibrator in a pinch or even regularly. You can even go the Howard Stern route and try your luck riding a subwoofer. But if you live in a condo, expect your neighbors to be rightly pissed with your shenanigans.

Now, If you want to use your phone, for example, don’t wait for someone to call you. Instead, pick a mobile vibrator app for Apple or Android phones and go to town. Of course, clean whichever device you’ll be using, and for your health’s sake, put a condom over just to be on the safe side.


The tried and tested classic for getting a girl off. A showerhead, especially the adjustable massage kind, can do wonders for a clit and start your day with a big smile.

But if you don’t have one that comes off the wall, you can position yourself under a bathtub faucet and achieve the same result.

Vegetables or Candles and Hairbrushes

Vegetables have been used as sex toys for decades now, if not longer. The most famous one is a banana, but you can use virtually anything with a phallic shape that suits you in length and girth.

Carrots, cucumbers, and zucchini are all excellent choices. Furthermore, candles, bottles, and various handles (hairbrush, tennis racket, etc.) might also be the right tool for the job. However, be very careful with objects that might break and cause injury or infection. Your best bet is to wrap whatever you use with a condom and take it slow.

Now, how about sex toys for men? We got reviews for these dirty holes too.

Also, does anyone else think that females have much better toys than men? All you get is a rubber hole to stick your dick into. Females, on the other hand, can have toys for assholes, clits, pussies, nipples, etc. Fine, guys can shove fists down their buttholes too, but that’s not a social norm.

Also, female pleasure depends on vibration levels, length, size, etc. Here, all you get is a hole, that’s it. And that brings me to the end of our article, no new cool things came in 2024, maybe next year will be better.

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A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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