Sex Tips for Men: 5 Things Every Guy Should Try




Are you young and want to try crazy stuff out in bed? Or perhaps your relationship is struggling because of the same old routine? Either way, these sex tips for men will point you in the right direction and make sex exciting again. Yes, they might seem simple and obvious at first, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work. Take a look and use them as a starting point to discover what turns on both you and your significant other.

Watch porn together

Despite porn being common and very popular, couples can still have a hard time talking about their kinks and turn-ons. Watching porn together is the perfect way to start this discussion. After all, if you see it, you can talk about it, too. For example, if it’s BDSM porn you’re watching, you can take the chance to discuss each other’s boundaries and what each partner prefers as the things come up in a scene. However, take it slowly, feel the situation out, and see if your SO is interested in the idea.  Also, note that porn shouldn’t be a visual replacement for your partner, but something to better your relationship.

Tie her up

For women, getting tied up is among the most common of sexual fantasies. The problem is that some guys are too shy to try this out which is a shame. To help you overcome your timidness, consider just how much she might get turned on. Moreover,  the fact that she’ll then be willing to play along with your fantasies later on. You don’t have to start with intricate rope bondage; a pair of cuffs, a tie used as a blindfold, or an old t-shirt to bind her hands is good enough.

Experiment With Sex Toys

If you didn’t know by now, most women can’t orgasm from penetrative sex. But instead of getting frustrated or put off, get some sex toys for women and make sure she always cums. The lack of an orgasm is not the fault of either partner, even though people tend to think along those lines. So, if all it takes to make both of you happy is a vibrator, then, by all means, don’t forget to charge the batteries.

Try Roleplay Sex

Role-play is another thing that when done right can make for some amazing sex, and when put off because of awkwardness or shyness can slowly kill your love life. Consider this one of the best sex tips for men that can try out. Thus, if you get a big boner from a cheerleading jersey, a nurse uniform, or cosplay outfit, it’s time to speak up. But, roleplay isn’t just about outfits. As the name implies, it’s about taking on a role, playing out a fantasy, and of course, having lots of fun while bonking your brains out.

Have Sex in Public

We’re sure you’ve watched at least a few public sex videos, but don’t write this idea off just yet. You don’t have to turn heads and make old ladies gasp in shock while banging your girlfriend on a bus. Sneaking into a bathroom stall and giving her a taste of your cock will be just fine to get you both excited. If you’re concerned with getting caught, there are other low-risk ways of getting it on in public. For instance, sex while on a hike, sneaking into some thick bushes of a big park or finding a secluded alley for a quick fuck.

The suggestions seem simple enough, right? Then, if you haven’t yet, try these sex tips for men out. They will help open your relationship to unforgettable moments.

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