The Most Common Excuses Women Make to Avoid Having Sex




A healthy romantic relationship needs to include an active sex life, but many men often face unwilling partners. The excuses you get from your girlfriend or wife can be very creative or more prevalent than you might think. So let’s take a look at the most common ones women make when they’re not in the mood and what you can do to fix the problem.

I’m Feeling Sick / I Have a Headache

We don’t know anyone who wants to have sex when they have a headache or are feeling a bit under the weather. Even though an orgasm can help a person relax, lying down and taking an aspirin is probably the best way to go.

But if you’re SO is having headaches everytime you start cozying up to her, then something might be up. In that case, ask yourself whether there’s something that you can do differently. More importantly, talk to her and find out what the problem might be.

I’m Just Too Busy

Between work, commuting, errands, and chores, most of us have little time for ourselves. As a result, the majority of couples will say that a lack of time is something that hinders their love life the most.

At the same time, many of us watch TV for hours and hours every week and spend an incredible amount of time browsing social media like Instagram. The solution? Cut back on Netflix, Facebook, etc. Don’t whip out your phones and surf the internet side by side. Instead, spend meaningful time together. The bond that this creates and maintains will make it easier for you to have sex.

I’m Exhausted

If your lady is tired, she’s not going to want to fool around. It’s never as quick as you might think because she has to undress, get messy, and prepare for bed again or has other things she needs to take care of, like housework. Do your part around the house,  lighten her load and help her relax. Once she’s comfortable and her stress goes down, she’ll want to reward you.

I Don’t Cum, Why Bother?

Most women have an easier time climaxing on their own than with partners. Nonetheless, if she tells you this, you need to reevaluate what you’re doing in bed, maybe even watch a pussy licking guide. Right after that, make sure that she’s being open about what wants and indulge her fetishes and turn-ons. If your SO isn’t getting anything out of sex, why should she bother dropping her panties?

I Feel Fat

Sex after a hearty meal isn’t always the best idea when ladies are concerned. Instead of saving sex for later, try to get your romp on before the big dinner. On the flipside, it’s also very common for women to feel less attractive if they put on a few extra pounds. That coupled with other problems can make women and men feel less attractive, but you can show her that plus-size girls are gorgeous. If extra weight is the problem for you or your partner, you can always try to exercise, focus on how sex feels instead of how you look or talk to a therapist if the problem is persistent and bad enough.

You’re Always Asking For Sex

Most guys are horny 24/7, but if you’re pestering her for sex all the time, and she’s not giving in, you might need to back off. If she knows that you want to get into her panties all the time, she won’t have the chance to miss being approached for sex or have the opportunity to initiate herself.

I’m Bored

Making a relationship and your love life work involves effort. Sooner or later, some once sure-fire things won’t make her gasp and moan anymore or leave her with goosebumps. To avoid this from happening, you shouldn’t hesitate in bed or be shy about trying out new things. The best way to kick-start your love life is to explore each other’s kinks and change how and where you have sex. Try BDSM, new positions, roleplay or dirty talk: there are tons of things that can make sex great again.

We hope this helps. Also, note that people have a tendency of blaming others first. Before you go down that rabbit hole in a dead or dying bedroom, be honest and kind to your partner, and you’ll be able to work most things out.


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