DIY Sex Toys – Using Household Items for Masturbation and Sex




Not all of us can fork over 50+ bucks for a sex toy or have them at hand when we need them, but all of us get horny. Whether you want to refresh your masturbation sessions or have some fun with your partner, you’re going to find these everyday household objects useful and perhaps never look at them the same way. If you haven’t already, start experimenting and filling up your sex toy toolbox.

DIY vibrators

From massagers and smartphones to beard trimmers, electric toothbrushes and Wii Remotes, there are a lot of things that can be used as a vibrator in a pinch or even regularly. You can even go the Howard Stern route and try your luck riding a subwoofer. But if you live in a condo, expect your neighbors to be rightly pissed with your shenanigans.

Now, If you want to use your phone, for example, don’t wait for someone to call you. Instead, pick a mobile vibrator app for Apple or Android phones and go to town. Of course, make sure to clean whichever device you’ll be using and for your health’s sake, put a condom over just to be on the safe side.


The tried and tested classic for getting a girl off. A showerhead, especially the adjustable massage kind can do wonders for a clit and start your day off with a big smile. But if you don’t have one that comes off the wall, you can position yourself under a bathtub faucet and achieve the same result, more or less.

Vegetables, candles, bottles, hairbrushes

Vegetables have been used as sex toys for decades now if not longer. The most famous one being a banana, but you can use virtually anything with a phallic shape that suits you in length and girth. Carrots, cucumbers, and zucchinis are all excellent choices. Furthermore, candles, bottles, and various handles (hairbrush, tennis racket, etc.) might also be the right tool for the job. However, be very careful with objects that might break and cause injury or infection. Your best bet is to wrap whatever you use with a condom and take it slow.

DIY pocket pussy

Now something for the guys out there. A quick way to make a basic pocket pussy is by placing an unpowdered latex glove over a small towel and rolling the towel up. Use rubber bands, a belt or something similar to keep it in place and adjust tightness. Finally, pull the leather glove cuff over the towel and you have yourself a quick homemade fleshlight for virtually no cash at all. Just remember to use a few drops of lube (vaseline, vegetable oil, etc.).

Stockings, ties, scarves, bandanas, zip ties

When you slide those stockings off, don’t just throw them away to the side. You can use them to improvise cuffs, wrap them gently around your partner’s neck or to tie feet. They’re also great as blindfolds. But there are a ton of different clothing items that are suited for spicing up your love life with bondage sex. These include a scarf, tie, bandana, and anything similar.

Clothespins, hair clips, chopsticks, candle wax, wiffle balls

Our article has taken a kinky turn, but we’re running with it. If you’re into BDSM and in a pinch to find something to clamp nipples of misbehaving boys or girls, you’ve surely got more than a few household items you could use. For instance, clothes pines, hair clips, and even chopsticks from Chinese takeout which work great when combined with rubber bands.

Another good way to start experimenting is by using candle wax. It just hot enough to provoke a strong sensation, but not that hot to cause burns. But if you want to muffle moans, try slotting a tie, string or rope through a wiffle ball to create a DIY ball gag. For more inspiration, stop by your local hardware or dollar store and make a trip out of it with your partner. Finally, exercise caution, especially if you’re new to BDSM.


We hope that you enjoy these DIY sex toys made from household items. If you’d like to share your thoughts or offer a few of your own suggestions, leave a comment below.

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