Top 20: Best Retro & Vintage Pornstars (2024)

Top 22+: Best Retro & Vintage Pornstars (2024)


#01. Brazzers
#02. RealityKings
#03. BangBros

You probably know it all already, but there are decades of rich porn history to explore. You can find old porn movies online going back fifty or sixty years. We’ve done some digging and want to allow everyone to check out our top vintage and classic pornstars.

If you’re having trouble finding their scenes and movies, refer to our round of up classic porn sites before you go rummaging through your dad’s or uncle’s old VHS or DVD collection. I wasn’t into vintage releases until the early 2000s when I almost accidentally stumbled upon one of the tubes. As my interest and view counts grew, so did the experience. As a result, I know plenty of vintage sluts from the 60s, 70s, or other decades and feel qualified to do a post like this.

#22 Jenna Jameson

Comment all your want but I am so tired of Jenna. Every porn video of the 80s or 90s had her at some point, and she has run out of the charm. So, I am blaming overconsumption of her porn for the ranking. She is, without a doubt, one of the greatest vintage pornstars, if not pornstars of all decades.

However, we also want some fresh faces, which is why you should scroll to the next slut.

#21 Suzanne McBain

Suzanne McBain Pornstar

Back when passionate cock sucking and deepthroat ideas were unknown to the wider audience, Suzanne McBain took the life by its horns and built quite a reputation. Every blowjob scene is as memorable as your memories of drunk anal or of you fucking that sweet pussy for the first time.

If you have time, watch her performance in “Barbara Broadcast” from 1977, because that film is phenomenal. She’s the hardest sucking slut of the century if not millennia and could still beat some of today’s performers. Oh, and unlike many failed vintage pornstars, Suzanne managed to “transition” or “switch between” hardcore and mainstream cinema, a dream, I’d say.

#20 Dominique Simone

Dominique Simone

Among vintage ebony pornstars Dominique Simone or Deadra Marrow reigns supreme. She put in 10 years from 1990 to 2000 and left everyone begging for more of her 34DD tits and a great ass. In 2007 she was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. That was along with three other black female performers.

She has videos some on, in case you are thirsty for some black vintage babes.

#19 Connie Peterson

Connie Peterson Vintage Pornstar

Interracial vintage porn isn’t something that was praised back in the day, mostly because of the white stigma and men-controlled industry. Today, things are different, and you have millions of videos to choose from.

Connie Peterson was one of the earlier pornstars to star in gangbangs or threesomes, all involving black men. Like Steve Jobs, she pioneered something that will remain in history books. Can you imagine the amount of hate Connie would have received in the 1950s? If social platforms were a thing.

#18 John Holmes

John Holmes Vintage Pornstar

Classic porn movie viewers will remember John Holmes, he’s a living legend of male pornstars. It has the elements of a tragic story, but let’s begin with the positives. Johnny Wadd (another alias of his) amassed a total of 573 film credits! Some are on $0 XVideos Premium while if you need free, see tubes like EroticAge

Not to mention the personal claims of sleeping with over 14,000 women (inflated) and confirmed earning as much as $3,000 per day. Due to drug addiction, Holmes was diagnosed with HIV and died at 43. Live big and die fast, I guess?

#17 Vanessa Del Rio

Vanessa Del Rio

Filming porn from 1975 to 1999, Vanessa Del Rio also went by the aliases Lee Nance, Jan Pearce, and Ursula Pasarell. She was among the top Latina pornstars of her time thanks to her incredibly curvy body.

Thankfully, these scenes still look appetizing today. We did not have that many vintage pornstars with fat, at least not the popular ones. When society despised the chubbiest of women, Del Rio went against the grain and achieved some success.

#16 Brigitte Lahaie

Brigitte Lahaie

Brigitte Lahaie has a lot of aliases, and they include Simonin, Bordeaux, and Brigette Lahaye. This blonde French babe is a retro pornstar legend that spent 30 years in the business, from 1976 to 2006.

She is featured in 150+ scenes, all worthy of your time. Nowadays, Brigitte makes an occasional appearance in a movie or TV show besides working as a radio host. Life turned out quite well for this vintage slut.

#15 Marilyn Jess

Marilyn Jess

Marilyn Jess or Dominique Roye is a true blonde babe by any standards of any period. But, as another French pornstar, she made her way over the pond. As a result, made vintage porn movies for American studios from the 1970s up to the mid-90s.

That hairy pussy and cum-loving mouth added a lot of mileage, and you can tell. So why is Marilyn isn’t ranking higher? Because viewers don’t care about anyone but the top 3, and that’s a shame. My dick would feel comfortable inside her vintage pussy. I’d marinate my dill pickle inside those juices any time.

#14 Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn Vintage Pornstar

This is the sexiest vintage pornstar picture of the bunch! With dyed white hair and barely hairy pussy, this brings back a lot of memories. We just need some vintage music now and fap all you want. Amber Lynn was a stunning performer with memorable looks and a fun personality.

She needs to do one last video for the sake of her fans. It doesn’t matter if Amber is 50 or 70 years old now. Seriously, how epic is this photo? Will we ever see photos full of glitter, shiny shoes, and white hair ever again? Maybe in the year 2100… I wouldn’t mind that at least when it comes to straight hoes.

#13 Tori Welles

Tori Welles Vintage Pornstar

With a golden belt from the ass-fisting championship, Tori Welles is among the “younger” sluts that had an opportunity to work with all the top male models. Now, at the age of 52, Tori signed a contract with Vivid back in the day. That was (and still is) one of the adult powerhouses.

I spent more than a decade on a set as an actress and even director in the 1990s. You can’t have a female story without some drama, and this comes in the shape of a leaked sex tape. Featuring herself and Paul Norman.

#12 Veronica Hart

Veronica Hart Vintage Pornstar

Sucking cocks with a smile on her face, Veronica is a cool vintage slut that is still alive to this day. Seemed to be happy when it comes to life choices and you had it all revealed on camera. Did you know that Veronica is now a mainstream movie actress? Such goals don’t come lightly because every pornstar dreams of the very same, but only a few succeed.

Appeared in movies from the 1970s to 1990s as a pornstar, the golden years of porn.

#11 Victoria Paris

Vctoria Paris Vintage Pornstar

Looking like a twin sister of Amber, Victoria Paris loved nothing more than to indulge herself in triple X performances. Was a striptease dancer, like many other pornstars, before joining the club of cock polishing.

Has a handful of videos online and interestingly enough, Victoria is one of the earliest petite pornstars. Back when such niches weren’t even a thing. Weighted less than 49 kilograms or 108 pounds. Has a single interracial scene.

#10 Lisa De Leeuw

Lisa Deleeuw

Going by the names Lisa De Leeuw, Lisa Seagrave, and Fiona Wilson, this redhead won numerous awards during the 80s. For no reason, she ended her career in 1987 with about 60 movies in her repertoire. As you can see, she was gifted with great tits and was quite the fiery floozy.

Sipping on that red drink and appearing all lusty, that’s Lisa and her way of life.

#9 Rhonda Jo Petty

Rhonda Jo Petty Vintage Pornstar

From the forgotten underground to EroHut, now that’s a boost we all want to see. With the vibes of Pamela Anderson, the classic pornstar from the vintage era looks stunning to this day. Some age better than others, and Rhonda Jo Petty is at the top.

Who else misses pornstars with curly blond hair? That was the thing in the 80s and 90s! Stunning eyes, bright lipstick, and perfect nails. My dick can’t handle all of that.

#8 Jeanette Littledove

Jeanette Littledove Vintage Pornstar

One can’t list vintage pornstars like peanut butter and jelly without the acres of grown bush. Hairy pussies only recently lost their appeal as today’s generations preferred clean beavers. But do you know what else is exciting? An exotic-looking actress like one and only, Jeanette Littledove.

Born in 1966 and with her first performance at 21, Janette is a Cherokee Indian. Her performance can be last seen in the 1996 movie “The Boxer”. For more fun, there’s “Anal Angels 2” from 1990.

#7 Deidre Holland

Deidre Holland

With the classical pornstar look of the 80s and 90s, Deidre Holland looks hot even by today’s standards. Cute small tits that haven’t seen a knife of a surgeon, and a petite body type. These red lipstick lips and blond curls beg to be touched with your dick or cum.

Jerk off to this and many other vintage pornstars with $0 XVideos Premium. As you finish, reflect upon yourself and compare Holland’s performance to other contenders on the list. She looks like a modern pornstar and was ahead of the time in some aspects.

#6 Hyapatia Lee

Hyapatia Lee

Who’s the owner of that beautifully round asshole? It’s Hyapatia Lee, our vintage pornstar that looked good without any Photoshop. The thing about classic porn is this, all these hoes looked good in movies and photos.

This day, however, images are too edited and don’t resemble real life. As a result, you find a new pornstar with good looks via galleries only to be disappointed later. Today, spread assholes are almost universally gaped, which is disgusting. Here’s an example of the “good old days” when you didn’t use lube and could stick your dick into the tightest of holes before everyone else on a porn set.

#5 Annette Haven

Annette Haven

Annette Haven, also famous as Cheryl Nelson, Nanette Heaven, or Annette Robinson, kicked off her decades-long porn career in 1973. Even without the Internet, this pale bunny became the name on every man’s lips. A natural beauty, she had a great set of boobs, wavy hair, and a spectacular body overall.

When you add everything up, Annette deserves to be on any list with the best vintage pornstars. Although, I do love some lingerie porn.

#4 Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley

Most famous under the alias of Nina Hartley, but one might also know her as Nina Hartman. She is a living vintage pornstar legend with three decades of experience and countless movies and scenes. We caught her at the tail end of her career.

That’s when she was in the MILF and mature stage but still extremely hot. Check her out on Likely one of the few vintage pornstars that are still active today.

If you want to play with your genitals while starting at the classic pornstars, we’ve served them on a platter. I attribute Nina’s success to the educational videos because that’s how the new generation got to know her. That’s pretty much it. She’s decent at sex and was good 30-years ago, but yeah, the legacy comes from the pussy eating documentaries.

#3 Traci Lords

Traci Lords

Busty pornstar Traci Lords, also known as Kristie Elizabeth Nussman and Nora Kuzma, had a six-year stint in the adult business. Put a lot of effort during the 80s and made 170 movies. Lords is controversial for being underage while filming from 1984 to 1986.

Since leaving her career in porn, she has also starred in some mainstream movies. Ah, the usual dream for a whore to become a mainstream success. Great DVDs are featuring Traci, most of which I’ve already streamed on one tube or another. Sometimes they are full movies when the uploader had the rights to upload, while other times it’s a cut from the scene. Whatever the case is, she is a hard-working pornstar.

#2 Kay Parker

Kay Parker

As far as British and UK pornstars go, Kay Parker was one of the most popular in her day and age. Thanks to her big natural tits and curvy hips, she never took small roles, either main roles or no fucking. Kay worked as an actress from 1977 to 1998 and as a director during 1994.

You have less plastic than in today’s hot pornstars, which makes her videos better. It’s like having a natural aspirated versus turbo engine. As I stroke my dick imagining Kay on top of me, it’s getting harder to think about other pornstars than her.

#1 Christy Canyon

If you were a horny teenager in the 80s, Christy Canyon or Linda Daniel might have been the babe of your wet dreams. She was in porn from 1984 to 2001 and played a role in over 200 movies. However, this busty beauty’s breaks from porn came with changes in her marital status.

Now, Christy is running her website and working as a host on Playboy radio. One question remains, why is she so shy in front of a camera? For me, retro means pastel colors and hairy cunts. Canyon has it all, and we almost forgot about the curly hair, another cult classic. It wasn’t until Pamela Anderson and her smooth locks that this trend has vanished, and sluts stopped curling their hair.

Written by George Best

A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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