Top 20: Hottest Short Hair Pornstars (2022)

Top 20: Hottest Short Hair Pornstars (2022)




Everybody has a thing of their own. Like a turn-on that gets the engine going, and one of ours is pornstars with short hairstyles. Some of these girls have a buzz cut, but none have hair past their shoulders. Some are new to porn and young, others – experienced. There are all kinds of rides and no matter which one you choose; the result is always the same… You end up cumming on your sleeping girlfriend’s face and blame it on your neighbor. Wait, that’s now how it works?

Anyway, I’m here to make you happy. Knowing that we’re not the only ones with the same kink is why we’ve put together this list of the best short-haired pornstars. Dive in and enjoy.

#21 Loulou Petite

Loulou Petite Short Hair

Among short-haired pornstars, Loulou Petite looks closest to one of those of feminist beliefs. You can imagine this cute babe in lesbian or similar relationships. Having trimmed hair also gives her the more dominant look and that’s what Loulou loves.

You would not believe the power of make-up and how much better she looks with black shades. However, this United Kingdom born slut does nothing but solo sessions. While I don’t predict the future, that alone could limit Loulou’s popularity. A single masturbation video is fine, but the whole portfolio? Yeah, we’ll need someone who hasn’t seen anything but a nipple in their lives to keep jacking off to that.

#20 Aaliyah Hadid

Aaliyah Hadid Short Hair Pornstar

All hail to the short-haired slut, Aaliyah Hadid who loves to be face fucked and abused. Crazy hairstyles like hers imply a wild personality and that’s spot on. Looks best with cock inside her mouth since there’s no other use for that hole anyway.

What’s even better is that once you grow out of bald pornstars, Hadid can be seen with long hair too. Yes, looking sublime still. It’s hard to argue that a friend on the left is way hotter and it’s not just the hair, but an overall style as well as facial aesthetics. Oh, and I already have an idea on how to improve ones’ facial…

#19 Dylan Phoenix

Dylan Phoenix Short Hair Pornstar

This pornstar reminds me of my aunt’s good friend that every student in our neighborhood wanted to fuck. The good news? She was all in with the dude that looks like a former rock concert attendee from the 1980s. Now picture yourself, a much better-looking stud competing with the likes…

Yeah, Dylan is an attainable pornstar with a cute short haircut and black-colored nails. Can’t stand the pimple near the left eye, makes me uncomfortable. I can only think of a single negative when it comes to fucking Dylan. There’s little to grab onto and that can make at least a few sex positions impossible, especially if you’re a dominant type of a guy. Still, that’s a small price to pay for someone as hot as the blond bimbo.

#18 Olive Glass

Olive Glass Short Hair Pornstar

It’s bizarre how this performer stands out from the rest due to the length of the hair. Maybe it’s for the worse? For instance, if we were to invite her into a group of mermaid-like hairstyles, Olive Glass could enter the competition without a problem, and she’ll still look different there. Push the same look to the top 10 of short-haired babes and the same thing happens.

It’s like this hair haircut was designed in hell and will look out of place no matter what. Some guys masturbate to uniqueness, and Olive might be your golden ticket to the pleasure land.

#17 LaSirena69

It’s almost impossible to discover any new cum holes that have recently appeared in front of the camera. Everyone goes with the trends and sadly, today long hair dominates everything. Yeah, that sucks and the only “newcomer” that has appeared out of thin air is LaSirena69. A relatively new pornstar by 2021 and even 2022 standards.

She’s all over Brazzers, by the way.

#16 Astrid Star

Astrid Star Short Hair Pornstar

Leaving best for last, Astrid Star is neither, at least in my humble opinion. The classic American pornstar face bores me to death after twenty years of porn though. Maybe newer generations are still appreciative of crystal white teeth, fake hair, and bold makeup.

Having said that, it would be a crime not to masturbate to Astrid at least once. She matches the short hair criteria to an extent. Being a good Samaritan, I have trained my cock to enjoy even the bald pornstars.

#15 Veronica Morre

Veronica Morre Short Hair

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Veronica Morre is a newcomer to porn. The 4”11’ hottie has blue eyes, short hair, and a pair of plump, milky tits that just beg to be sucked. To start you off on this pornstar, we recommend the “BoxTruck Sex” scene. How is it so special? It is Veronica’s first anal video, so you know that action will be good. Ask her to stop shaving and just maybe, the hair that’s around Morre’s butthole will be longer than that on her head.

There’s more of her on too, including some of the scenes that can make this trimmed hair brunette your favorite.

#14 Veronica Avluv

Veronica Avluv Short Hair Pornstar

We’ve seen pornstars with shorter hair but when you can’t make up your mind, this diabolical bombshell could be your answer. As a leading pornstar on, Veronica Avluv has all it takes to be the queen of world’s hoes. Even if you were to give her the trashiest, cheapest outfits that smell of old people, her “natural” tits will eliminate all the issues. It’s a cheat code that polishes even the filthiest gravel into a shiny little diamond.

Plenty of experience, youthful looks, almost perfect body, and unsolvable hunger for hard cocks. Guess what? I am holding one of these in my hand right now. Pure love.

#13 Bella Bellz

Bella Belz Short Hair Pornstar

Hop into the bandwagon of pornstars because as it gets going, there will be no stops. She comes as one of the default choices on anyone’s mind, especially if you are into dirty little masterminds of sex. The other categories that Bella occupies are pornstars with asses larger than the moon as well as tattooed performers. That sounds like a piece of quality engineering.

Just like weather or seasons, Bella’s hairstyle keeps on changing. Sometimes it’s short hair while others only the sides remain bald. Ask ten fans to describe this pornstar and all of them will tell something different.

#12 Joslyn James

Joslyn James Short Hair

Joslyn James has changed looks a few times but still often performs as a bald pornstar with a buzz cut. Now in her early 40s and with an extra-large ass as well as big fake boobs. This makes Joslyn a hot MILF through and through.

If you want to see the balding babe in action and the best work in general, get the interracial scene with Shane Diesel. Also, the black dick sex tape that was “leaked”. Other than that, is a great place to cut your cravings. Yep, I can see people hating Joslyn because this wild beast is reserved for the absolute best, the strongest of all males. Having said that, why does she look this way?

#11 Leigh Raven

Leigh Raven Short Hair Pornstar

Choking on dick like a spider from your worst nightmare, that’s Leigh for you! Too many tattoos, making it impossible to focus on most of them. The hello kitty ink on the right side looks neat though. What’s your take on the following sex position? I feel like it’s cool with cute chicks only that aren’t on the fat side.

Good thing that Leigh Raven is as thin as a pencil. Got those delicious ass cheeks spread apart too. Now, if I was to wake up in the middle of nowhere, inside a tent and with a random stranger sucking my dick like that… I’d panic and mistake her for a daemon that’s about to eat my soul.

#10 Cadey Mercury

Cadey Mercury Short Hair

Young Latina Cadence Mercury, also known as Cadence Page, is a new short hair pornstar that made it onto our radar with her Bratty Sis scene. The young and tantalizing brunette with tiny tits and a cute face is destined for big things, especially big boners.

So far, Cadey has starred in daughter swaps, rough sex scenes, and some amazing group sex videos. Check her out for yourself on You must give it to her, there aren’t that many Latina babes with short hair.

#9 Dakota Skye

Dakota Skye Short Hair

Massively popular Dakota Skye is another of the pornstars with short hair that should keep you occupied for a year or two. At 5”1’ and 99 lbs, this tiny and cute yet can fit monster-sized cocks in her ass or pussy. Heck, even that filthy mouth that makes most girls her size tap out quickly.

Even though Dakota is only 24-years old, this babe doesn’t look a day over 18. What does that mean to you? It makes watching straight or lesbian scenes more exciting to perverts like yourself. See this spinner getting slammed on $0 PornHub Premium.

#8 Ryan Keely

Ryan Keely Short Hair Pornstar

What else is on the menu? The beautiful granny with a lesbian-like haircut could make her the president of the feminist movement. Thankfully, Ryan isn’t ugly and knows how to use the sexy looks or tits to their full extent.

Appears frequently on, so that would be the top recommendation to all my horny brothers out there. GILFs crave short hair, which is a shame because only those in their late 20s or 30s look the best. Once you pass a certain age, it’s better to stay youthful, and that includes wearing locks of 30 inches.

#7 Bree Daniels

Bree Daniels Short Hair

Originally a strawberry blonde, but more often a redhead, Bree Daniels started out as a webcam model. Few kinky streams afterward and she got scouted by a porn agent. Since the breakthrough, Bree has been in Hustler and Penthouse magazines. Not sure how pale skin works on your arousal levels, but for me, it’s all good. Guys’ dicks don’t care if Bree is white, black, or even green.

Also, filmed hardcore and lesbian scenes for popular porn studios like In other words, you can’t go wrong with a young, short hair, natural, and busty pornstar like her. Unless you also invite someone else to the party that is.

#6 Miley May

Miley May Short Hair

This is Miley May, a short-haired pornstar with glasses and a cute smile. She’s a dead ringer for pop singer Miley Cyrus, and perhaps even hotter than the famous doppelganger. Besides Miley’s hairstyle, we love that shaved pink pussy, pale scrumptious ass, and “fuck me” eyes.

Five years in the adult business has taken this short-haired blonde pornstar from a barely legal teen to a 24-year-old whore. Another hoe that isn’t afraid to jump into an interracial gangbang or whatever. If this picture ticks your boxes, find Miley on the

#5 Nicoleta Emilie

Nicoleta Emilie Short Hair

Nicoleta Emilie might have slipped under your radar, but this European brunette with short hair has starred in some amazing porn scenes. What we love about the 27-year-old Czech pornstar are the natural 34D boobs and everyday looks.

Although most of Nicoleta’s scenes involve straight-up fucking, she’s also known as a great tease. Even better, this babe that doesn’t mind diving into fetish sex or try rough anal with Rocco. Fans can discover this European pornstar on

#4 Jada Stevens

Jada Stevens Short Hair

Have a seat and take a sip of water, because the big ass on Jada Stevens is simply spectacular. This short hair pornstar is a 5”3’ bombshell whose sexy hairstyle accentuates immaculate curves. Follow them all, from her neck and shoulders down to the backside and delicious booty.

After that, all you will ever wish to do is eat Jada’s bubble butt out. As expected, her scenes involved a lot of teasing, ass worship, oil, and of course wild, naked sex. See everything on

These are our favorite PERFORMERS with short hair. From teen pornstars to MILFs, our team has something here for everyone.

#3 Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa Short Hair

Japanese adult star Maria Ozawa is a long time pornstar. A popular babe with short hair as well as few piercings in her tongue, clit, and navel. Yes, compared to some of the contenders, Ozawa doesn’t have a hairstyle that is reminiscent of the army men. Instead, you have a shoulder-length hair in many of her scenes, and plenty of uncensored content on

One doesn’t need a degree to know this, this woman is addicted to sex, Maria equally enjoys creampies, footjobs, group sex and cum swallowing. A wife material that can drain your cum reserves in a day if not sooner.

#2 Kate England

Kate England Short Hair

As fresh as your fuck doll, Pearl or better known as Kate England, must be one of the prettiest pornstars. According to many of you. Add to that her tiny natural tits, puffy nipples, and yummy ass, and you got yourself an endless source of smutty fantasies. Many of you have also voted for her to become the number one slut and it’s hard to argue against a crowd of porn viewers. Especially when they know their kinks.

Interracial, lesbian, and straight sex are all a part of her career. Still, we always gravitate to her Moms Lick Teens and other family roleplay videos on These guys have some of Kate’s best videos.

#1 Riley Nixon

Rley Nixon Short Hair

What if we add the almost bald pornstar like Riley Nixon? How good are your tolerances for short-haired women anyway?

With the shortest hair of any pornstar in the industry, it’s a fantasy come true. Unless you count pretty much ball babes. Her male looks won’t turn many men on and that’s okay. For those that are attracted to Riley, the cock cannot get any harder. I understand, she’s not for everyone. However, do you think that Riley cares? This pornstar has found a crow of loyal fans that will do everything in their power to keep this babe among the hottest on the list. The scenes you can find… This one is a goldmine.

Written by George Best

A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.