Redditors Share Gross Sex Stories That Will Make You Dry-Heave




Most of us know that sex can get freaky and weird, but we get a kick out of trying new things at the same time. However, there are moments when everything goes wrong, and you end up with gross sex stories that are etched into your memory. Hell, maybe even burned into your nostrils. If it’s any consolation, here are some of the nastiest sex stories shared by Reddit users in a thread titled “What is the grossest sexual experience you’ve had?” Some of these will make you reconsider leaving rough and extreme sex to the pros. Take a look:

The woman who is now my wife didn’t tell me she had a yeast infection. We start messing around and I start fingering her. The mess that came out of that was horrifying and ruined my love of going down on her (took years to get over that) and my love of oatmeal.
User: Mousecop77

I woke up in the middle of the night after sex to the girl fingering herself to orgasm while sucking my armpit hair.
User: Maker_Of_Tar

Tried to have sex while I was sick. Ending up throwing up on both of us while sucking his dick. Then while I was sitting on his lap with my head over the toilet, I shit on him.
User: ashbashass

I was talking with this girl when Yahoo Messenger was still a thing that people used. I met her in a chat room and we exchanged photos, and agreed to meet outside of the office where she worked for a quick hook up. She was married and I already knew it was a bad idea, but this was a post-break up dry spell, and my judgement was very cloudy to say the least.

She ended up being about 25-30 pounds heavier than her photos had led me to believe, and was super awkward. I felt bad having driven to come pick her up from work and just tried to go with it. We got back to my place and tried to go at it. She was a terrible kisser, had gross breath…and then, the smell between her legs–it was like a cat pissed on a pile of moldy laundry. I just couldn’t. I told her that I wasn’t going to be able to help her cheat to get out of the situation, and dropped her back at the office parking lot.
User: CostanzaBonanza

I wasn’t really aware of “the finger test” yet, and had proceeded to go down on my new girlfriend. It was horrible man. It was like someone had blown their nose in her crotch. It was chunky, gooey, and…. well you probably get the picture. I tried to soldier through it, but I just couldn’t do it.
User: Link-to-the-Pastiche

First ever gf farted on me once during doggy style, it just kinda rolled up my chest. Same girl gave me poopy dick, but that was kinda my fault, I reallyyyy wanted to try anal. Was squeezing poop outta my pee hole. Not pleasant.
User: Good_Im_Glad

So this one guy I hooked up with is uncut, and the foreskin can’t be pulled back, it’s completely stuck surrounding the head. I had hooked up with him before and everything was fine then. But Apparently he didn’t expect me to go down on him this time and there was so. Much. Dick cheese. I nearly puked on his dick. After a while of holding in the pukes We kept going and I just didn’t put my face anywhere down there again.
User: yng_waterbender

A threesome which ended in felching was a step too far for me. Felt unclean for weeks after.

If you don’t know what felching is, we’re not you going to spoil it for you. Instead, check out the definition on Urban Dictionary. And if you’re still into anal and extreme porn after this, then you’re much better at stomaching gross sex stories than we are. Kudos to you.

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