Check out These Hot and Famous Celebrity Twins That Are Total Babes




The only thing better than seeing one gorgeous girl is when you start seeing double, but not because you’re in need of a doctor.  We’re talking about hot identical sisters, of course. That’s why we want to direct your attention to some of the sexiest celebrity twins with this list. These beauties come from the world of modeling, acting, music, and sports. You probably don’t know half of them and don’t need to either to appreciate their looks. Now let’s start.

Sam & Amanda Marchant

Blonde English Twins Sam and Amanda Marchant were born in 1988 and came to fame by participating in Big Brother reality show back in 2007. They form the female musical duo called Samanda that has a few singles in total the last of which didn’t make it into the charts.

Nikkie & Brie Bella

The Bella Twins are real-life sisters and identical twins that “compete” in the WWE as wrestlers. They’ve both held the Diva Championship title. Despite being born in 1983, they’re fit and athletic and look hot for their age. We’d love to get tapped out by them.

Rebecca & Camilla Rosso

If you’re young enough, you might remember The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and these cute blonde celebrity twins. They made a total of seven appearances on this hit Disney Channel sitcom and filmed a few movies since. Born in 1994, they’ve been legal for quite some time now and have grown into real bombshells.

Kristina & Karissa Shannon

We don’t know about you, but we can never get enough of hot blondes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that this is the third pair of fair-haired celebrity twins on our list. Kristina and Karissa Shannon are Playboy Playmates and former contestants of UK Celebrity Big Brother. Between them, they have a few appearances on other TV shows. If you want to see Karrisa Shannon in hardcore action, you can find her sex tape with Sam Jones III on

Mihaela & Gabriela Modorcea

When it comes to Romania, we’re used to seeing cam girls from this country and not celebrity twins like Mihaela and Gabriela Modorcea. These two form a singing and dancing duo called Indiggo or the Indiggo Twins. Besides being singers, actors, and songwriters who’ve created Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical, these 33-year old twins are also minor reality TV personalities.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

There’s no way to make a list of hot celebrity identical twins without mentioning Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They’ve been on TV and in movies since their earliest years with roles in hit shows like Full House, and countless appearances in films. They had a sweet spot regarding looks that this photo captures perfectly (bonus celebrity nip slip!). Nowadays, they’re a bit too tired looking and impish for our taste.

Mariana & Camila Davalos

We think that the flames are overkill because these two are scorching hot on their own. Meet Mariane and Camila Davalos, twin models born in 1988 in Kentucky US. Not long after they were born, they moved with their parents to Medellin, Colombia where they were raised and started modeling. Both of them were part of The 50 Hottest Colombian Women list put together by Complex Magazine.

Brittany & Cynthia Daniel

For three years in the mid-90s, famous celebrity twins Brittany & Cynthia Daniel starred in TV show Sweet Valley High. When the show ended, Cynthia continued her career behind the camera, while Brittany stayed in acting. Now 46, they still look gorgeous and makes us look for MILF porn whenever we see them.

Gisele & Patricia Bundchen

World famous supermodel Gisele Bundchen is a good example of celebrities that have twins which you never hear about. Despite trying out modeling, Patricia Bundchen realized she’s better at managing her popular sister’s career which is too bad because she looks just as hot.

Cali-Marie & Cherish Milton

They might not be celebrity twins per say, but they’re sure famous in the world of porn. These are supposed twins Cali-Marie and Cherish Milton AKA Marrisa and Mellisa Milton. They started appearing together as teens in hardcore and lesbian porn videos more than ten years ago. If you got an incest roleplay fetish, these blondes are going to drive you crazy.

Sexy twins fuel fantasies of threesomes, lesbians action, and breaking taboos. Perhaps that’s why we love identical sisters so much? On that note, we end our top list with a kinky twist and leave you to search your favorite free porn sites for twin sex.

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