Need Foreplay Ideas & Tips? Here’s What Turns On Porn Stars




I think we speak for most guys when we say that it doesn’t take much to get us horny, right? It can be as simple as seeing a chick in a bikini or a girl in tight shorts. Women, as many of us find out, are different and most of the time need to get warmed up first. Although a blitzkrieg approach in combination with some BDSM can lead to crazy sex, it’s always good to have a few foreplay ideas and tricks up your sleeve. So, why not learn from the pros? Take a look at what pornstar have to say when asked: “What is your favorite foreplay?”

Is there are a one-size-fits-all regarding foreplay? Of course not. Despite that, there are some good answers here. However, Kiki Daire seems to offer the best insight out of all the interviewees. She says that your foreplay ideas shouldn’t be limited to physical acts. Instead, the first step in enticing a woman into sex can be all about engaging her mentally. And if that doesn’t work out, you can always spin the wheel of fortune and try burying your face in her ass.

But seriously, if your goal is good foreplay and good sex as a result, there are a few simple things that will set you up for success. First of all, give yourself enough time. Most of us have a long and busy day. That’s why you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to start because you might both rush to get to the sex or put everything off for tomorrow. Secondly, set the scene. This might involve running a bubble bath, giving a massage, or having a romantic dinner. Finally, you can also change the setting altogether and cross items off both of your sexual bucket lists in a place where you can explore your alter egos.

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