Spit or Swallow: Pornstars Answer an Age-Old Question




Every girl eager to improve her blowjob skills will also be wondering what do to when the deed is done. Should you spit or swallow is a divisive and delicate question, one that is not easy to ask other people. But let’s take a look at what pornstars have to say about the matter. True, they’re professionals and as such have to be a jack of all trades in a way. However, there’s still a matter of personal preference. You might be surprised by their answers.

What is the takeaway? Most pornstars will gobble up a cumshot, but they’re also very practical about it. In other words, sometimes it’s just easier to swallow then to spit it out and have to deal with the mess. That is unless it’s a turn-on to spit it out, snowball or swap cum – there’s an idea or three for you if you’re feeling kinky.

Also, you have to understand that not all jizz tastes the same; some guys have funky spunk. This brings us to our next video. See what porn stars have to say about the taste of cum. This one is just as important for the guys as it is for girls who wonder does all cum taste bad.

We’re not sure whether pornstars are a representative sample for the average women, but they have a ton of experience.  If you’ve listened to these ladies carefully, you now know that the smell and taste of jizz, even the texture, can vary a lot from guy to guy. However, if your cumshots taste like spoiled kimchi, don’t despair. Instead, clean up your diet, drink lots of water, and don’t forget to snack on pineapple before sexy times. After that, the question of whether to spit or swallow cum will only be a matter of what is a bigger turn-on.

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