Top 20: World’s Sexiest & Cutest Pornstars (2020)

Top 20: World’s Sexiest & Cutest Pornstars (2020)




We all have our kinks and sexiest porn fantasies. One of our biggest ones is cutest face pornstars that just live and breathe beauty

Of course, there are a lot of like-minded guys out there! I mean, you are reading this post, so welcome to the sexiest pornstars club. In the end, we’ve decided to put our favorite ones into a top 10 list of the cutest and prettiest pornstars, ever.

Check it out and have fun watching them perform. Maybe you need a good source of premium and free teen porn? Then look at our list of the best teen porn sites.

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#1 Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

We must mention Sasha, one of the sexiest and cutest pornstars of all-time. Skinny and brunette, our favorite pornstar called it quits in 2011, unfortunately. Under her belt, you have five years of shooting all sorts of nasty hardcore porn.

Just like other sexy performers, things don’t stop here. Yes, this diva tried mainstream movies too. Her most famous roles were in “The Girlfriend Experience, I Melt with You” and her cameo appearances in several episodes of the “Entourage”.

Besides that, her credits include a few video games and shorts. For her XXX-rated work, is our recommendation.

#2 Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

Busty Canadian brunette Sunny Leone ended her 11-year porn career in 2013. She is one of the hottest Indian pornstars of all time! So, can you guess where one of the world’s sexiest sluts ended up?

She is now a successful Bollywood actress with her very own TV show dubbed “The Untold Story of Sunny Leone”. As far as other attempts, Leone's movie roles also include “Tera Intezaar”, “Beiimaan” and “Jism 2”.

Anyhow, if you want to see this dark beauty eat a dick, enter

#3 Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper

Dillon Harper is no novice to the porn industry. But after six years and rather old age of 26, she is still an adorable pornstar. At five foot five, Dillion has a pair of perfect big boobs that were grown naturally.

Despite the age and extremely adorable face, this slut starred in some filthy scenes. You can see her doing things that Nuns only dream of. Rough sex is fine, but then you push to 10 with large dicks and aggressive scissoring.

Check Dillion Harper out on, which is where the sexiest pornstars are.

Okay, and there you have it! Our selection of sexy, adorable and cute pornstars. We know everyone's list is going to be different, so feel free to share your favorites with us in the comments below.

#4 Naomi Woods

Naomi Woods

Young, one of the sexiest pornstars and famous too, Naomi Woods is next. Our pretty angel was born in 1996 and has an insanely hot body as well as seductive eyes.

Haven’t you seen her work? You are up for some hot action! Ranks well among the cutest blonde pornstars, there is no competition. In addition to her beautiful face and epic looks, Naomi is a spinner! It’s just a pleasure to watch whether she's teasing, taking a big cock, or sticking her tongue in a wet and slippery pussy.

See her perform on

#5 Kylie Quinn

Kylie Quinn

Petite, cute teen Kylie Quinn was eager to enter the porn industry and did so at the tender age of 18. Her one-year stint resulted in some of our favorite scenes, ever. As a classy and extremely sexy pornstar, Kylie starred in superb lesbian teen porn wearing nothing but stockings. In another video, it was all about teasing and fucking a football jersey.

The result was, of course, a rough fuck that we still remember. Be sure to check her on

#6 Alex Blake

Alex Blake

The sexiest goddess for many, and with a beautiful face! Not only is her face absolutely mesmerizing, but the pussy is phenomenal looking too.

So, who is this, adorable, diamond ring and your life worthy cutie? She is no other than Alex Blake, a teen pornstar that knows no bounds or limits. Extremely likable and always ready for more. She is your biggest dream and a nightmare.

You must watch her videos on to understand!

#7 Bree Olson

Bree Olson

Beautiful blonde Bree Olson is best known for her tumultuous and very public relationship with Charlie Sheen. Full of drama and dirty stories that filled tabloid headlines. During her 7-year porn career, she was Penthouse Pet of the Month, won multiple AVN awards, and put her big natural boobs on camera dozens of times.

You can look cute and all that, but only the sexiest pornstars can move from porn to mainstream. Did you know that Bree appeared in “Purgatory Comics” and “The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)”? With glued dude’s ass, our cute pornstar remained sexy.

#8 Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica Rodriguez

Coming from Venezuela, Veronica Rodriguez stands at five foot one and has been shooting porn for seven years. To put it on another perspective, her wet hole is in the adult business since she was 19. We marvel at her skinny figure and little tits. That happens every fucking time we open her videos. Extremely cute face, beautiful curves, and sexy moans.

In other words, Veronica is a joy to watch, especially when she's dwarfed in size by her costars and pounded with dicks the size of her forearm. As a busy little babe, Rodriguez has many scenes on

#9 Natasha White

Natasha White

If you enjoy interracial pornstars, then one of the cutest and sexiest for you will be Natasha White. Enjoys black dicks but will suck anything of decent size. That, of course, eliminates my own, but your mom is not complaining.

Not as popular as some famous pornstars on the list, but worth mentioning. Extremely sexy, with vibes of an angel and pussy worth impregnating. That scar on her butt, however… Needs to be removed.

#10 Nicole Bexley

Nicole Bexley

We can't resist those curls, and just look at that cute face with puppy dog eyes! Who is this pretty performer? It’s nice to meet her but the pleasure is all ours, Nicole Bexley.

I would not mind more of her scenes, but let’s stick with what we have so far. Tiny, pretty and extremely adorable pornstar, also black. Passion is her call due to Latin roots that melt our hearts.

However, that does not include her other great features. Just look at how hot she is and start craving for a piece of her gorgeous ass.

#11 Lily Rader

Lily Rader

Another sexy pornstar, Lily Rader has natural looks, pretty face, and a little body. Basically, you just want to stuff it with a dick till cum comes gushing out.

This pale blonde angel might look innocent, but my God… Were we wrong… Lily turns into a total nymph the moment she starts feeling a tingle between her legs. Find her on if beautiful pornstars turn you on.

#12 Lucy Tyler

Lucy Tyler

Little blonde, Lucy Tyler comes from rainy Seattle where she had lots of time to hone her skills in the sack. Despite being just 19 when she started porn, our cutie was already a force to be reckoned with.

Add to that her pretty face, jaw-dropping ass, tight gripping pussy, and you got yourself a world-class performer. She is among the cutest pornstars around if you ask us. Have fun with this sweet blonde on, the source of epic porn.

#13 Ava Sparxxx

Ava Sparxxx

We don't know what to do first, pinch her sexy rosy chicks or eat out marvelous booty. This is Brianna Rae Hayden, better known as Ava Sparxxx. She is a young and adorable pornstar with ginger hair. Her ass teasing scenes are out of this world!

In addition to that, Ava also gives it up in fierce cock riding scenes that must make her walk funny for a week afterward. Find her scenes

#14 Zoey Kush

Zoey Kush

Look how cute this performer looks! Zoey Kush is a spectacular little Latina born in Ecuador that has expressive pupils and a super skinny body.

Her long brunette hair flows down almost to her tiny ass. The whole combo makes this pornstar into something you don't see every day. Extremely cute and with the oozing levels of sexiness.

Zoey Kush has scenes on many premium porn sites. However, you can’t go wrong with a free one from PornHub Premium.

#15 Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

Sexiest pornstars don’t have to act innocent or look bland. Here’s a prime example! Petite, goth and wild pornstar Joanna Angel is well known to anyone who likes tattooed and inked chicks.

Her porn roles include group, interracial, anal, BDSM, and lesbian sex for the likes of However, her sexiness landed some opportunities outside the porn industry too.

Joanna has a few mainstream appearances under her name that you might want to check out. Let’s take “The Woodsman” as our top pick, a short comedy about life. Or “Scrapper”, a random drama about a Seattle scrap metal collector.

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#16 Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson or Daisy Maze is among the most popular and certainly the richest female pornstars in the world.

The 44-year-old blonde started in 1993 and stopped shooting porn years ago. That was 2008, although you can still find her on live cam shows. Her big success came when she starred in Howard Stern's “Private Parts”. That’s one of the mainstream pornstar movies we can actually recommend.

Lastly, if you got excited watching Jenna in her first Hollywood film, you can always see her nude scenes and galleries too. All you have to do is use Google.

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#17 Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee

Is your dick tingling already? This is a sexy British pornstar, Sophie Dee. Well known for her immense curves, big breasts, and pretty eyes.

However, porn is not her only calling! This buxom babe also starred in almost half a dozen mainstream movies between 2011 and 2014. Some of them include “Theater of The Deranged”, “Untimely Demise”, and “The Hungover Games”. She might suck dick and look all the same in porn, but that was not the case with the mainstream.

There is a span of genres like horror, comedy, parody, and thriller. Anyway, I bet you're still more interested in watching her get naked on camera. If that’s the case, follow her work with a $0 PornHub Premium Network account.

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#18 Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson

It seems like Russian pornstar Gina Gerson doesn't age. She is 27 now yet still looks great among the sexiest pornstars. An adorable face that looks barely legal works well too.

Known also as Doris Ivy, our skinny hottie with tiny tits is addicted to sex. Her little body has been demolished with dicks of all sizes and colors. For fans of barely legal teen pornstars, her scenes on will be a dream come true.

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#19 Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann

Anyone that loves sexy MILFs with big tits knows all about Lisa Ann. That’s a 46-year-old porn legend! Lisa holds countless industry awards and is the star of hundreds of adult videos. Heck, this slut even tried to break into the mainstream too with “Sexual Intrigue”, a drama/thriller.

We commend her for trying, but Lisa’s talents are best suited to the porn industry. Check out her work on, or move on.

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#20 James Deen

James Deen

James is a beautiful, and one of the sexiest male pornstars too, that’s a fact. Not many good-looking guys in porn, so competition isn’t high. However, everyone loves his looks! So successful was his brand in porn that he tried mainstream too. James Deen came up short for the role of Christian Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Can you imagine him in that Hollywood trash flick?

Could have turned out great, considering his love of rough and BDSM sex. The controversial male pornstar then starred in Bret Easton Ellis' drama/thriller “Canyons”. That’s a movie notable for its 3.8 IMDB score and Lindsay Lohan's nude scenes.

If you'd rather stick to porn, check out James Deen on

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Written by George Best

A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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