Top 17: Hot New Zealand Pornstars & Models (2023)

Top 17: Hot New Zealand Pornstars & Models (2023)




New Zealand is known for its sheep, wine, and immense natural beauty, as seen in the Lord of the Rings. But when it comes to porn, this island is as outdated and forgotten as steam engines. In comparison, its next-door neighbor, the country of kangaroos, is full of Australian pornstars. These sluts give American girls a run for their money.

Still, we’ve made the top 10 of the hottest New Zealand girls. These ladies have no problem posing nude or even getting down and dirty on camera in porn scenes. Look, and you won’t be disappointed by the beautiful women from this country.

#17 Melanie Lynskey

As an appetizer, I’d like to welcome the New Zealand native Melanie Lynskey. Why the appetizer? Because she’s a model and has nothing to do with the adult industry unless you classify any nip slip or boob drop as adult movies. In that case, you must be a serial killer.

Either way, Melanie is a beautiful, cute, friendly, adorable, all-around magnificent female who (hopefully) will get more contracts, roles, and fame as a result. Did we add too many compliments and make ourselves look creepy? Oh well. Now, let’s check the pornstars if you’re not satisfied with the saint women.

#16 Angelina Sky

Angelina Sky New Zealand

A slim, short brunette, Angelina Sky had a short-lived porn career in the early 2000s. Nonetheless, she still made some great videos while she was at it. Her skinny body and small boobs make this dark, ethnic-looking babe even more appealing.

If you want to check this New Zealand pornstar, try some of the best free porn sites.

#15 Brittney Alexander

Brittney Alexander New Zealand

Is this a real dick and some actual porn featuring a pornstar from New Zealand? We have a 5” 1’ blonde Britney Alexander that was active from 2002 through 2007. In these five years, there were over 40 scenes, so that is not too bad.

Thanks to magnetic looks, Brittney was perfect for the role of teacher schoolgirl sex. However, she also did well in interracial and group sex scenes. Some of her work is available on

#14 Margaret Middleton

Margaret Middleton New Zealand Pornstar

What does a black-and-white photo do on EroHut? We’ve had to travel back in time to give you a much wider variety of New Zealand pornstars. Most importantly, look for the vintage performers and models that put some dent into their body exploitation careers.

She’s more of a bikini bake and a nude model than a pornstar. That’s the only thing Margaret did… No shame in mentioning an influential adult figure from the era of classics.

#13 Beth Bennett

Beth Bennet New Zealand

Beth Bennet, or Beth Dee, is among the few Kiwi pornstars we know. The 32-year-old blonde with her “fuck me” eyes is ripe and mouthwatering. Once you see Beth, there is no turning back. People fantasize about putting their hands all over this yummy ass and big boobs.

Her videos involve voyeur JOI, POV teasing, and masturbation. Unfortunately, still light on scenes and not the best of New Zealand pornstars.

#12 Elle Georgia

Elle Georgia New Zealand

At this point, we are getting fed up with New Zealand women and their innocent behavior. Elle is another nude model that shoots nothing but glamour for

If you are from New Zealand, that might not be news for you, but everyone else… Bit shocking, to be honest. It’s like there are no whores in this country.

#11 Gemma Lee Farrell

Gemma Lee Farrell New Zealand

She might seem like an exotic Arabian princess, but this is Gemma Lee Farrell, a New Zealand nude and glamour model. The wild-looking brunette was a Playmate of the Month a few years and posed for… Yes, same site as everyone else,

Wish there were more Brazzers or Mofos hoes. You will still find videos and photos there, just not anal gapes.

#10 Anika Shay

Anika Shay New Zealand

Who the hell is this tattooed bunny? Meet a hot New Zealand model, Anika Shay, born in 1992. Her all-natural body, perky tits, and tight ass are a marvelous sight to look at. But, as a true teasing champion, Anika knows how to go painfully slow.

In other words, this Kiwi glamour pornstar will force you to enjoy every minute of striptease videos. Heck, there are even some photos sets and more on

#9 Aubrey Black

Aubrey Black New Zealand Pornstar

It’s hard to come up with unique and pure Kiwi pornstars. Most parents reside in the United States, Canada, or Australia. The same goes for Aubrey Black, who is known in the circle of Australian pornstar fans. However, did you know that New Zealand residents can too be proud of her?

Not sure if there’s anything more popular than Aubrey at this point, but again, let’s keep looking. If purity is your game, look for alternative sluts.

#8 Tavalia Griffin

Tavalia Griffin New Zealand Pornstar

We don’t know much about Tavalia Griffin for a good reason. Having appeared just once on film, she went underground and is yet to return to the industry. That happened just a year ago, and there’s still some hope. Although given how unpopular the performance was, we’re not putting much hope into Tavalia’s return.

I mean, it’s not like she has gained many fans, either. Care to try again?

#7 Rosanna Arkel

Rosanna Arkel New Zealand

Roseanna Arkel is a glamour model and “Zoo Weekly” cover girl with a massive 4 million followers on her Instagram page. At 29, Roseanna is in her physical prime and stays fit. Her feed is packed with scorching hot photos in bikinis and tight outfits.

Like fellow models, Rosanna is as far from hardcore New Zealand pornstars as my dick and your mom’s mouth.

#6 Skylar Leigh

Skylar Leigh New Zealand

Skylar Leigh ranks among the hottest New Zealand pornstars thanks to her wavy brunette hair, delicate skin, and small natural tits. This grey-eyed honey can get you warmed up for porn with her nude videos.

There Skylar bears that famous juicy ass and meaty trimmed pussy.

#5 Molly Dae

Fucking any Kiwi will give you a baggage of unforgettable memories; they are as rare as ancient tribes. And who doesn’t want to fuck a beautiful woman who has a hygiene of the 15th century person? Some don’t even wash themselves and rely on smoke to clean their pussies or armpits.

But Molly isn’t a dirty scumbag who condemns a bar of soap. Instead, she’s kinky and filthy, but does smell nice. Well, by nice I mean like a exposition full of males and their cum socks. Hey, we’ll still take that over any unwashed pussy that has thicker crust than my Cheetos hands.

#4 Gina Bellman

Gina Bellman New Zealand

Now retired, Gina Bellman is a New Zealand pornstar from the late 90s and early 00s. Unfortunately, there aren’t 4K 120 fps videos featuring this slut, but SD content is plentiful. Rocking black lingerie and short hair, it’s a babe like many others.

No distinct features other than natural tits, but they are not gigantic. Should we mention that? Well, we just did. So if you are into vintage or older women, hit her up.

#3 Amy Lee Summers

Amy Lee Summers New Zealand

With platinum blonde hair, around behind, and 37DD breasts, Ammy Lee Summers has everything it takes to rile you up and get everyone excited. Her videos and photos for are set indoors and outdoors. Be it on sating sheets, beside pools, and on sandy beaches.

One of the prettiest girls in porn as of now, and that’s the best compliment you can give anyone.

#2 Miss Alice

Miss Alice New Zealand

As a bonus, and because we’re fresh out of Kiwi pornstars, let’s present Miss Alice. She’s a popular cam girl born in 1994 with a slim young body, plump natural breasts, and a cute face.

Better still, she likes to stuff her pussy with toys and other objects. Just not your real cock, sorry, bro. You can find Miss Alice on

#1 Sarah Louise Harris

Sarah Louise Harris New Zealand

Sarah Louise Harris, or Sarah Harris, is a 25-year-old model from New Zealand with devastatingly beautiful eyes, blonde hair, and a mind-boggling body. Since starting her career 3-years ago, she has been featured in Maxim and GQ magazines and was a Mexican Playmate in October 2015.

Besides photoshoots, Sarah has half a dozen videos on Nothing hardcore, though, so more of a model than a pornstar.

Among all the top 10 pornstar lists, this was by far the most difficult to make. We know New Zealand has no lack of gorgeous girls. Still, they need to up their porn game and bring more babes willing to film hardcore scenes. If you have suggestions for our top 10 New Zealand pornstars, let us know in the comments. Also, you can check other webcam sites for more whores.

Written by George Best

A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.