Popular Escort Terms, Terminology and Lingo Explained

Popular Escort Terms, Terminology and Lingo Explained

If you’re tired of watching porn and playing with sex toys, why not treat yourself to an escort? There are numerous reputable sites with escort profiles and customer reviews, and little chance of anything going wrong. However, you might find yourself wondering what does A Level mean. Or perhaps scratching your head at terms like MSOG or BBBJTCNQNS. If you’re confused, as we were at first, check out this list of common escort service terminology. That way you’ll know what to look out for and what to expect.


French Kiss. We all know it, most of us love it and escorts tend to offer it. It often comes with GFE or BFE.


This stands for Boyfriend or Girlfriend Experience. In essence, you get more of a personal and intimate experience with a guy or girl that is similar to being in a relationship. Each escort can be a bit different, but expect french kissing, cuddling and hugging, as well as sharing meals, and having conversations. To add, you’ll a better chance of coming across someone who isn’t a clock watcher.

Clock Watcher

This widespread term is used when an escort appears to be rushing,  not enjoying the job, or waiting for the time to run out because they don’t seem to enjoy their work.


Anyone that’s had a few girlfriends knows that not all women are fans of cumshots, and the same goes for escorts. If you like to mark your territory with flying cum, make sure that service is offered.  COB, CIM, and COF refer to cum on body, cum in mouth, and cum on face.

MSOG or multiple shots on goal mean that you can cum more than once during your session. This is great for dudes that blow their first load quickly.


BDSM covers bondage, dominance, discipline, submission, sadism, and masochism, or any combination thereof. There are dozens of different sub-niches within the BDSM that involve different kinds of roleplaying between two consenting adults. You can find anything from female domination, rope bondage, rubber and latex outfits, to spanking and daddy play roleplay. If you’re new to it, why not hire a professional to introduce you to this world?


This stands for a certified massage therapist or, in other words, a professional masseuse. Escorts that offer this service will not only give a killer massage but also give you a happy ending and fuck your brains out if you want.


If you see this and don’t like condoms, then you might want to look for another girl. This escort slang term represents a blowjob with a rubber or condom.


Wanna will her lips and tongue slobbering your rock hard cock, then see if call girl offers BBJ or barebacked blowjobs. And while you’re at it you’ll want to get some BLS.


If you like a woman that pays attention to details, then ask for BLS or ball licking and sucking. After all, your cock isn’t just about the tip.


Now, this is a mouthful, both when reading and performing it as service. It stands for a barebacked blowjob to completion, no quit, no spit. No one likes quitters, and if your parting with hard earned cash, you might as well see an escort swallow the load after giving you head.


You probably know this phrase for porn so don’t be afraid to ask for ass to mouth if the babe you’re treating your boner to is an A-Level escort.

A-Level Escort

This term lets you know that you can bang a chick’s butt. Combine it with ATM and CIM, to get the ultimate experience. Luckily, there’s usually no shortage of A-level escorts.


The pinnacle of escorting for some johns, a porn star experience involves deepthroating, groping, stretching, fast and wild fucking, swallowing and the like. Of course, the wilder it gets, the more you’re going to pay. And for those that want a real porn star, you should either be well-off or ready to dip into your savings account.

Now you’re ready to go out or go online and book yourself a hot girl using these escort sex terms. Tell us if we missed something important and leave your comments below.

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