Top 10: Hottest Ginger & Redhead Pornstars (2019)

Top 10: Hottest Ginger and Redhead Pornstars (2019)




Let me tell you one thing. We have it so good when it comes to porn! We can pick and choose who and what we want to watch to our heart’s content. And to celebrate this, it’s time to present the top 10 of the sexiest ginger and redhead pornstars.

Of course, we might overlook someone’s favorite freckled hottie, but this is a good spread of sexiness here as you’ll see.

#1 Faye Reagan

Faye Reagan

If you like redheads and haven't heard of Faye Valentine or Fay Reagan, you must be doing something wrong. Although she's now retired, this freckled beauty has left us with plenty of boner inducing scenes. My dick grew faster than Bitcoin hype in the day.

Investigate her teasing and rough group sex scenes. This delicious babe can be seen showing off her sexual prowess at

#2 Dani Jensen

Dani Jensen

This whore is too hot to be in adult business. Ginger pornstar Dani Jensen or Carina Thomas, is a fiery little babe that started off as a teen. We do mean legal age, you suck fuck.

Was born with tiny tits and is now slowly turning into a hot ginger MILF with firm fake tits. Those of you that want to indulge in Dani can head over to

#3 Alex Tanner

Alex Tanner

Dainty ginger, Alex Tanner has been in porn since she turned 18. This beauty with small tits loves deepthroating dick, fucking in threesomes with MILFs, and feasting on pussy.

Do the curtains match her drapes? Absolutely.

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#4 Alice Green

Alice Green

Allie Summers or Alice Green has just recently turned 21, but don’t let her petite figure and small tits fool you. To stand out from the crowd, this redhead pornstar had to work hard.

She’s as cute as she is kinky and is no stranger to interracial anal, lesbian sex or schoolgirl fantasies. Check out this ginger angel and you won’t be disappointed.

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#5 Dolly Little

Dolly Little

How many teen redhead pornstars do we need? All of them! Young, blue-eyed ginger Dolly Little stands behind her name. At mere 4’ 9” and with the weight of just 86 lbs - a true spinner! Despite her small size, she loves to demolish all kinds of cocks.

Tends to enjoy playing the part of a barely legal teen porn. Don't miss out on her videos, go to

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#6 Janet Mason

Janet Mason

We didn't forget about fans of redhead MILFs too! Hence included Janet Exposed or Janet Mason in our list. She's fit, with softest big fake boobs, and she's all about that dick.

Janet did some of her best work for, which is a good place to start. What do you think?

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#7 Lilith Lust

Lilith Lust

Rainia Belle also known as Lilith Lust, is a mind-blowing redhead pornstar. All thanks to those green eyes and 5 feet tall figure.

Some elitists might pass on her but fuck them anyway. Mostly because little lady is stacked with fake boobs. That’s how most whores should look. Thanks to her big tight ass and a tattooed pussy, our dick tingles hard.

See more of her on

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#8 Piper Fawn

Piper Fawn

Piper Fawn is an unforgettable green-eyed ginger from the Czech Republic. The place where some of the best pornstars came from. This whore is not only tall and slender but has a great set of natural tits too.

If you want hot, sensual sex, lesbian or straight, check out her work on

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#9 Dee Dee Lynn

Dee Dee Lynn

Dee Dee Lynn, also known as Rawrbabyx, is a mouthwatering young redhead. She has incredible curves, pale skin, freckles all over, as well as a set of magnificent big tits. Gingers don't get any hotter than this. Unless you change their color to something with a soul.

Although retired, she got plenty of videos for you to watch on

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#10 Sasha Pain

Sasha Pain

Green eyes, red hair, tattoos and a hot little body. That's what Lynne Rose or Sasha Pain is about. Reminds us of some Russian ginger pornstars due to white skin.

She's got that Suicide Girl look going, and just loves her toys or fingers. Head on over to to see her perform.

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