Top 20: The Most Beautiful, Prettiest Pornstars (2024)

Top 23+: The Most Beautiful, Prettiest Pornstars (2024)


#01. Brazzers
#02. RealityKings
#03. BangBros

Should I go with a cheesy intro or cut to the chase? Yes, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to pornstars, it’s hard to pick favorites. That’s a good problem to have, right? Your ancestors have been masturbating to leaves, shadows, and horribly drawn pictures on the walls.

You, on the other hand, have a choice! There are far too many teen pornstars that keep on signing up for the “show business,” so why not pick the best of them all? Not just 18-year-old performers but those that have been with us for a long time and have proved their commitment.

I’ve already talked about the sexiest pornstars, but the prettiest come from a different mindset, and you’ll soon figure out what I mean by that. So now, close your doors, roll down the windows, put on some relaxing music, and let’s explore the most beautiful actresses out there.

#23 Anya Olsen

TikTok and other trash sites have changed the “beauty” standards from adorable to Botox. Anya Olsen is mainly known for slow, passionate love-making videos, as seen on So, not the hardcore stuff that is as common as slugs after a rainy day, but “artistic” sex scenes.

There will be names none of you have heard of, and that’s my mission! To show you how pretty some of the underrated pornstars can be.

#22 Mackenzie Moss

Mackenzie Moss Pretty Pornstar

With hazel eyes and a fake blond look, Moss is close to becoming a household name in porn and has recently reached the mark of the top 1,000. That means there are now less than a thousand sluts who are more popular than her. Does that sound like a low number to you? It’s not since Mackenzie had to amass almost 70 million views to reach the following rank.

Let’s talk bio! She is one of the lightest pornstars weighing less than 95 pounds or 45 kilograms, and that’s nearly nothing. Unfortunately, she isn’t that tall either, and with just 5 feet 4 inches in height (163 cm), you’re better off tying Moss to a leash before a small gust of wind lifts her in the air.

#21 Scarlett Sage

Scarlett Sage Pretty Pornstar

Beautiful pornstars can also be dangerous, and Scarlett Sage’s fans know that too well. She’s a tough cookie with an empty stomach enabling her to eat bags of dick without getting full. Looking like a movie hero, teaching others how to swallow, take it three-way, you name it. But, being as pretty as she is, Scarlett doesn’t say no to lighter activities either, including erotica.

Soft facial features might portray her as weak, but that’s the opposite. She’s a badass pornstar with an attitude for a good time, let’s say that. Sage could work as your bodyguard, get well with your family members “because Scarlett is so innocent,” and stay put as a piece of fuck meat.

#20 Georgia Jones

Georgia Jones Pretty Pornstar

Look, I didn’t just browse around the most famous pornstars and made my life easy. Regarding beauty, popularity doesn’t matter, as there are far too many fake hits, likes, comments, etc. Also, forget the stupid beauty standards that the unhealthy industry dictates in the first place.

Georgia Jones is stunning, one of the most beautiful babes that didn’t get enough recognition among the crowds. The picture is worth a thousand words (and you can already tell how hot she is), but we can do better! If you’ve a second, jump straight to

#19 Kayla Kayden

Kayla Kayden Pretty Pornstar

As the rare exception (albeit not the only one), Kayla Kayden has had some enhancements during her years of work. Most notably, the 32E plastic tits. But if Kayden accepts feedback, I’d suggest cutting the pussy skin, as it looks too loose in the recent videos. Still, despite the improvements, the blond pornstar was always among the most beautiful. Of course, it helps to have a tiny nose, stunning jawlines, no body fat, a great figure, etc. Also, it’s not like it’s hard to achieve any of these traits individually, but mashing everything into a single piece is another story.

Born in New York and then moving to the capital of porn, Kayla Kayden went to be featured on Playboy, then worked with Brazzers and even Spanish sites.

#18 Lea Guerlin

Lea Guerlin Pretty Pornstar

Here are a rule changer and one of the prettiest pornstars from Europe, Lea Guerlin. Any French babe sounds like a good time, whether on paper or not. It’s just that we’re brainwashed from the get-go that France is more than just a country. Every movie portrays it as a culture, food, and wine capital. The same applies to French women, whom we consider extraordinary in many ways. They’re classy, dirty, loving, skinny, these are all the positive words, and there are so many more.

Lea Guerlin has been filming light porn scenes for at least a few years, and they do hit a right, but not for me.

#17 Lorena Garcia

Lorena Garcia Pretty Pornstar

Smiling from the heart, Lorena Garcia is more than just a pretty pornstar! The beautifully proportioned slut is also adorable, funny, marvelous, hardcore, and best of all, a true lesbian. How pretty is someone who has the same taste as you? Like, both of you are attracted to females, and that’s “an open” for a future threesome. However, that’s a fantasy that’ll likely never happen. Is there a sum large enough for someone to try the real dick and ditch the plastic dildos? Especially when you’re getting turned on by the penetration anyway…

Now, before all that happens, there are alternatives. If you want to watch her play or see the Spanish nymphomaniac lick cunts until they bleed, call Lorena.

#16 Sydney Cole

Sydney Cole Pretty Pornstar

Pounding to the calming beats of nature, Sydney Cole has a long, almost horse-like face and doesn’t qualify as the most beautiful pornstar on paper. However, the love bug starts biting hard once you see her doing acrobatics in front of the camera, smiling at the pictures, and behaving outside the artificially set standards.

Sydney’s pussy has all the maintenance done on time and looks pristine. Even has a fleshlight-like quality to it. Sliding your dick in and out must feel amazing, although it’s not as if any other pussy would be less exciting! There’s little to no skin on the outside, and that’s another plus for our stunning brunette.

#15 Molly Stewart

Molly Stewart Pretty Pornstar

Molly Stewart is that pretty face you’ve seen in Playboy magazine, a combination of hot red and mature brown. Despite having a relatively flat chest, Molly never had a boob job nor cared about the competition. But, being true to herself, she has reached the skies and went beyond that. That’s what you get for being yourself in porn! Okay, it doesn’t always work, but that’s a good story to tell.

If personality traits aren’t your love language, then let’s switch to eye candy since there’s plenty of that, too! Her ass is rounder than a tire, the pussy is just as soft as your limp dick on a bad night, and again, the beautiful face… What an achievement and what a find!

#14 Bella Rolland

Bella Rolland Pretty Pornstar

It’s next to impossible to describe what is pretty these days. There are so many definitions and people’s ideas that you end up lost in the world of sorrow. Is it Natural Beauty or Photoshop? Should a “fake” pornstar who has maxed out her looks with surgeries and looks like an 11/10 goddess beat a naturally pretty female with a symmetrical face and 9/10 appearance? What about real life versus videos or pictures?

Well, these are the questions all the others ask, doh. EroHut is all about professional ratings and we know the answers to all these nuances and bring you the next best thing: Bella Rolland. Why? Because she look spectacular with or without makeup, has fabulous pictures and videos, and there’s no fakery around it.

#13 Jenna Sativa

Jenna Sativa Pretty Pornstar

Our dreams come true! Two of the most beautiful pornstars in a single scene, all on! That’s Riley and Jenna Sativa for you, a horny duo with experience. These models are spicier than the world’s hottest peppers, although your body does make “a cream” to alleviate the pain from all the penetration.

How beautiful is this scene? Two women share an intimate moment, experimenting, submitting to one another, and so on. It’s as romantic as a porn video can get, and if your dick (or pussy) can’t contain the excitement from the still screencap alone, imagine what the whole experience is like. But you don’t have to imagine since it was done and available for download! Or stream if you prefer to go “incognito”.

#12 Freja Noir

Freja Noir Pretty Pornstar

I planned to feature Stoya instead of Freja Noir, but since one is retired and this male worshipper very much enjoys the activities, let’s go with the relevant bits. We had our doubts at first, but the more I thought, the easier it was for me (and everyone else) to agree that Noir should be on the list! Maybe my mind will change with time; who knows?

There’s a single downside, and it all comes down to several scenes. Unfortunately, there are fewer than 10, and she might switch to nude modeling instead! Freja is a stunning, beautiful porn actress with freckles, interracial fantasies, and a rich past.

#11 Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves Pretty Pornstar

Kenzie’s prettiness comes from her personality rather than the looks alone, at least at first glance. It’s hard to call someone the most beautiful pornstar when pictures say otherwise. Yet, I couldn’t find a decent photo of her! The goofiness is uncanny, but believe me… She looks awesome on camera and in motion! Go to any site, be it AdultTime and find out for yourself. There are plenty of trailers too.

In case you’ve already seen Kenzie Reeves take massive black dicks down her butthole, then you’ll know what I mean. The inclusion is fair; she’s handsome, her fragile figure is sensational, and the first anal scene was special.

#10 Eva Elfie

Eva Elfie Pretty Pornstar

Sourced from the incredible studio of, the gorgeous babe with her mouth open is Eva Elfie. With a unique hairstyle that always goes to the sides and a cute birthmark, the extraordinarily beautiful pornstar is as kinky as she’s pretty. She can handle an hour-long session of intimate games, although hard sex is where all the fun is.

Even the name is too cute for porn! It makes me think of Smurfs or someone just as tiny. However, Eva dedicated her professional life to the art of cock mastery and didn’t mind getting sloppy. Sloppy blowjobs are one of her specialties that you should be aware of.

#9 Kenna James

We came across Kenna while looking for another female model who doesn’t have a last name. Well, that worked against her as there are countless other Kennas out there who, too, like to get paid for a good time.

Kenna James was a 2023 sensation, the year when she had enough fanware to climb the ranking ladder. Equally cute and slutty, maybe even resembling the earlier version of Angelina Jolie. And like with Angelina, we dream of banging both.

#8 Alex Grey

Alex Grey Pretty Pornstar

Feminine qualities are always attractive, especially from the source of “weakness”. I mean that in a way where a female is supposed to be vulnerable, submitting herself to a strong alpha male, etc. Alex Grey has that look! Her magnificent pussy, large vulva, tiny tits, and teen pornstar face is a recipe for an endorphin rush.

You’ll notice that many of the most beautiful pornstars here will be (more or less) “true to life”. Alex is a performer that could be your best friend or an old crush. She has that sweet, friendly vibe about herself, which works like a magnet. I’ve heard of chick magnets, but as it seems, there’s a dick magnet too. Like what you see? This scene was from

#7 Nancy A Moss

Nancy A Moss Prettiest Pornstar

Remember when you’ve heard an “oh so familiar” tune yet couldn’t identify it? As if you’ve been listening to it for ages. Please think of the classic songs, then the commercial jingles, all of which you’d have no issues remembering, but your mind goes blank regarding names. That’s how I feel about Nancy, a pornstar that often appears on camera but never gets enough love. I wish there were a platform like Shazam for porn performers!

#6 Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean Pretty Pornstar

The pretty blond with the face of a doll is Elsa Jean, and she has worked out the perfect penetration angle just for you. The small bottom has always been more attractive than a meaty ass, and it’s so much easier to have sex with. Yep, that’s not an issue for guys with 10-inch cocks, but everyone else needs to adjust to reach the “good parts” of a pussy.

Elsa is the artistic type with a few simple, not over-the-top tattoos and a taste for abstract art. She can also go from beautiful to hot with a single swipe of red lipstick. It’s been a while since I’ve fucked an attractive pornstar that looks good after a shower.

#5 Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith Pretty Pornstar

It must be a phase since I’ve just noticed that the majority of currently listed prettiest pornstars are also the lightest. Shying away from the camera is your number one pick, Janice Griffith. She’s just a head-on stick because that’s where most of her weight comes from. It’s like looking at a stick figure, except we mean that as a compliment.

Your wet dreams might have had her already since Janice isn’t exactly “the ugly duckling” or underappreciated. Rumor has it that she has already made more than $1 million in porn, which is not exactly that far from reality. Now, let’s go for chubby sluts.

#4 Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia Pretty Pornstar

We’ve far too many Evas on the list, so maybe this name is “cursed” to be attractive. Among the top-rated pornstars across the whole universe is Eva Lovia, the luscious brunette with a beefy pussy and a gaped butthole. I’ve been discussing the differences between a hot and a beautiful pornstar, and here’s my take… Every repulsive hoe can become hot with enough lipstick, silicone implants, layers of makeup, and other procedures. However, to be classified as pretty, the look must go beyond the artificial layers of fakery. That’s how I see Eva Lovia.

She has been collecting hundreds of thousands of views on sites like, which is understandable. We love her work!

#3 Gia Paige

Gia Paige Pretty Pornstar

I’ve picked Gia as a role model and the one to be featured as the showpiece for the prettiest pornstars. That’s the same chick from the thumbnail! Gia Paige has many sides, and all of them are just as sweet. She loves to act cute at first and then become a Kamasutra professor.

Having been a member of sites like, Brazzers, Digital Playground, etc. I’ve found this fabulous babe by accident. Hopefully, more of you will too, since she is pretty by every country’s standard. The beautiful light skin, solid fuckable titties without trashy tattoos on top, long hair, a great curvature, yep… That’s a win in my book.

#2 Nicole Aniston

Nicole Aniston Pretty Pornstar

Nicole Aniston has a body that is of legendary pornstars. I mean, she’s an adult performer, but you know what I mean. The looks that motivate men, push them to be better, and those that occupy everyone’s attention. A stunning face that will be responsible for countless fights, all of which come from the insecure housewife that can’t handle Aniston’s presence.

She hasn’t had a lousy release yet and no matter how long I’ve been jacking off to Nicole’s videos, the new releases are as crucial as the “classic” ones. So, should you find yourself attracted to her, look around and pick one or two places. This blond is on many sites, but is where most of Nicole’s scenes are.

#1 Riley Reid

Riley Reid Pretty Pornstar

Doesn’t Riley look pretty while taking two cocks into her ass? No matter your sexual preferences, orientation, or other beliefs, this pornstar changes everything on the spot. She can seduce a hardcore lesbian, a gnarly feminist, and even your mom. The delicious round bottom, a pre-stretched pussy, and the rare anal scenes still make us giggle.

I no longer consider myself a massive fan of Riley Reid, but this woman is pretty. Also, there’s more to beauty than having DDD tits. Natural beauty makes her pretty in its way, and that’s appealing. Riley is still excited about sex as she was more than 5-years ago, which is a long time. Some models don’t even last half that before succumbing to their psychological wounds. Find her on

Written by George Best

A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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