Top 20: The Hottest & Best 90s Pornstars (2020)

Top 20: The Hottest & Best 90s Pornstars (2020)




Let’s face some facts, okay? At any given point in time, there are 1000s of wide-eyed and naive young hoes. All that want to try their luck in the adult industry with hopes of becoming a pornstar. This situation makes keeping up with all the new babes in porn quite a task. Instead, we would like to take this chance and roll down the memory lane. Yes, let’s talk about the hottest and top pornstars of the 90s.

Depending on when you were born, these ladies might be either unfamiliar or made for your wet dreams. Keep in mind that some of these are hard to find online too. So, be sure to check the best vintage porn sites for an excellent source of premium and free retro porn movies.

#1 Celeste

Celeste 90s

Jennifer Lynda Action, or simply Celeste, has tits that look close to real ones. However, just like many things in porn, they're fakes. Born in 1972, this jaw-dropping babe went entered porn in 1992, at the innocent age of 20. Long story short, Celeste has transitioned from stripping to a hardcore adult performer.

Her first notable role was “Butt Freak” for John Stagliano on Then innocent looking slut showcased her real and feisty nature.

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#2 Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson 90s

Bombshell blonde Jenna Jameson or Daisy Holiday has been called the world's most famous pornstar and the queen of porn. This pornstar was born in 1974 and landed her first hardcore porn role 19 years later after working as a stripper.

Jenna has numerous and critically acclaimed roles in her catalog. Moreover, become the “AVN Hall of Famer” with many adult industry awards. Although one of the best 90s pornstars has retired from porn in 2008, you can still see her on live cam shows. Other than that, she runs Club Jenna, her adult management company.

That was our selection of the top 90s pornstars. We hope you enjoyed our list.

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#3 Racquel Darrian

Racquel Darrian 90s

If you were a teenager back in the 90s, Racquel Darrian was on your mind. At the peak of her career, she was as hot as any other pornstar. She was basically known as the brunette goddess of porn. Her first role was in 1989, at 21. Now in early 50s, Racquel Darrian at first did nothing but eat pussies.

However, once you get a taste of adult industry, things do change. Same thing happened to this 90s pornstar and her marriage. Long story short, Racquel insisted on fucking other men and got bored of her own husband.

If you want to see drama unfold, this slut performed exclusively for Just needs some popcorn.

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#4 Chasey Lain

Chasey Lain 90s

That’s a favorite of the guys from BloodHound Gang. Chasey Lain kicked of her adult movie career in 1993 with “The Original Wicked Woman” at the tender age of 22. Also known as Tiffany Jones, she shot both straight and lesbian scenes.

One of her more famous girl on girl videos is with Asia Carrera, another hot 90s pornstar. got plenty of their videos.

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#5 Silvia Saint

Silvia Saint 90s

Sexy blonde Silvia Saint comes from the Czech Republic and filmed more than your eyes can chew. Her pseudonyms include Silvia Granz and Renate Sinth. In 1996, at the age of 20, Silvia started shooting porn, and officially retired 15 years later, in 2011.

This vintage hottie has over 300 titles to her name, most of which include lots of anal and oral sex. Obligatory are her DP and lesbian scenes. Check her out on

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#6 Janine Lindemulder

Janine Lindemulder 90s

Gorgeous blonde Janine Lindemulder was not your typical pornstar when it comes to the 90s. Yes, she had an amazing body, but also had a growing number of tattoos. After a while, theycovered her arms, legs, and back.

Lindemulder debuted at the age of 24, in 1992, and retired 13 years later with plenty of interracial, group and rough sex scenes under her name. Most of these videos can be found on

One more interesting tidbit is that Lindemulder was on the cover of Blink 182 album “Enema of The State”.

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#7 Holly Body

Holly Body 90s Pornstar

Underappreciated, that’s the main keyword describing one of the coolest pornstars I’ve seen. She might not be as known as other performers, but those people are missing out. Maybe it was marketing or a bad nickname, who knows. At least we can promote Holly Body now.

Has appeared in multiple vintage movies but was the underdog. It’s easy to see IMDB or other sites and find some of her top work, in case you have time to explore the world of porn.

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#8 Ashlyn Gere

Ashlyn Gere 90s

The 90s pornstar, known for curls, was born in North Caroline all the way back to 1959. Yes, you read the name right and this is Ashlyn Gere. With her debut in 1990 at the age of 31, she appeared under many different names over the years including Kimberly Marshall.

Ashlyn’s petite, stunning body graced scenes with outdoor, interracial, teacher/student, and best of all, anal sex. Ashlyn is another classic pornstar worth checking.

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#9 Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera 90s

Asia Carrera is not only a stunning Asian babe and top 90s pornstars, but also a member of Mensa. Born in 1973 and during her teenage years, she rebelled against her parent's strict upbringing. Basically, Asia started working as a dancer to show who the real boss is.

Her first role came in the early 1990s and few years later, Asia filmed one of our favorite scenes, “A is For Asia“. It was the first anal performance recorded on camera. Like many of the hottest 90st pornstars, Asia is available on

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#10 Brianna Banks

Brianna Banks 90s Pornstar

As someone who got into internet porn in early 2000s, Brianna Banks still at the top of the popularity curve! If there’s a top of all the 90s pornstars that every person should watch, this is one of the very top. Check $0 PornHub Premium for some of the videos or full movies, even.

She looks good to this day and feels fresh, like talking about a pornstar from today. It helps that Brianna was still active in the late 90s, but let’s be honest. There were many other sluts that too fucked at the time but aren’t listed here. Stream the stunning performance of any platform and you’ll get your reasons.

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#11 Tori Wells

Tori Wells 90s

Brittania Paris, better known as Tori Wells, is a late 80s and early 90s pornstar. She got her first adult role at the age of 21 with “Night Trips”. After that, Tori went on to shoot eight more full-length porn films until retirement in 2002.

Welles has worked for the likes of and has a leaked sex tape entitled “The Private Diary of Tori Welles”. It was released by her ex-husband at the time.

#12 Nikki Tyler

Nikki Tyler 90s

Looks like Nikki was one of the most popular names back in the 90s as we have another whore called the same. This luscious blonde looks like one of the fancier pornstars, plush clothing and then popular jean skirts.

Was named as “The Penthouse Pet of The Month” back in 1995, so has some achievements under her belt. Nikki Tyler can be found on

#13 Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes 90s Pornstar

In the middle of 1995, Taylor Hayes has started her move to porn, and it was in a form of DVD movies. Now retired, she went to become one of the AVN favorites and reaped awards as a result. While her fame come in late 90s and transitioned to early 2000s, one cannot deny her influence.

The second phase for Taylor came with, the leading (at time) studio that collected all the cool pornstars.

#14 Jill Kelly

Jill Kelly 90s Pornstar

Looking like a dream girl, Jill Kelly not only can be proud of unforgettable videos but amazing photoshoots too. Stunning pussy and lips could make any man or woman fall in love with her. Has the classic pornstar vibes and reminds us of Pamela Anderson. Most of the work is up on $0 PornHub Premium.

Maybe breast implants weren’t that developed in the day, which explains chest scar, but who are we lying to… Would smash that cunt no matter what.

#15 Patricia Ford

Patricia Ford 90s Pornstar

Remember the famous Beverly Hills 90201 show from the 90s? Don’t Patricia Ford remind you of Shannen Doherty? Both women have risen to the fame in the same decade. Back when people did not use image altering software, photographers had to improvise.

This gallery was creative and even visionary for the day, with fading reflections and background decorations. As for the pornstar, cute little tits that were tweaked by the surgeon, curly hairstyle of the 90s and shaved cunt.

#16 Stacy Moran

Stacy Moran 90s Pornstar

Not the Stacy’s mom from the song, but the undeniably beautiful 90s pornstar, Stacy Moran. Would eat that pussy like a bowl of ice-cream, with the sounds of sloppy wet licks. I think that she is one of the most beautiful actresses from the era too.

Stacy Moran was the Penthouse pet of the year in 1993 and has starred in some erotic movies. The latest performance was in 2001! Almost 50-years old now and without much public photos as of 2020s.

#17 Stacy Valentine

Stacy Valentine 90s Pornstar

We’ve discovered Stacy randomly on the $0 PornHub Premium platform and must give them all the credit. Didn’t stay in porn movie industry for more than few years, but still made an impact.

In 2012 the AVN listed her in the pornstars hall of fame, which works like a recommendation letter for EroHut. Has close to dozen other awards, including best American starlet, best actress, female pornstar of the year and so on.

#18 Nikki Kennedy

Nikki Kennedy 90s

Who knows what kind of relationships this 90s pornstar has with the real Kennedy family? Although that’s unimportant. Nikki shot porn for more than five years (1992 - 1997) and then left the industry. Born in United Kingdom, the fake-tits blond is sort of a mystery right now.

Lucky ones might find few scenes although all the best ones were never published online. As an alternative, grab a membership on any of the today's best porn sites and go to town.

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#19 Nikki Fritz

Nikki Fritz 90s Pornstar

Sounding like a fancy cocktail, Nikki Fritz loved pussy like every other guy, possibly even more. Except that she is a female, you know. There are two pornstars in the picture, so which one is Nikki? The one getting her moist hole licked, at least in this case.

The one thing that we don’t miss from the 90s era is the underwear. Most of the “lingerie outfits” look like diapers. At least these are taken off almost immediately at the adult movie set.

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#20 Kobe Tai

Kobe Tai 90s

Born in 1972 (Taiwan), Kobe Tai started out her porn career in 1996 at the age of 24 and retired after seven years. In total, the 90s pornstar starred in around 70 scenes and movies. Kobe’s exotic looks and slender body was a real delight to any porn fan of the era.

Other than Tai, she also used the aliases like Blake Young, Carla Scott, and Brooke Young. You can find many of this famous hoe videos on

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Written by George Best

Long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.