Top 20: Mesmerizing Pornstars Born in 1993 (2024)

Top 23+: Mesmerizing Pornstars Born in 1993 (2024)


#01. Brazzers
#02. RealityKings
#03. BangBros

People like to group pornstars into a million different categories and niches. However, most of them focus on appearances like a big ass or red hair, while others can’t get enough Asian or Ebony beauties.

Although we love to make the top 10 articles like that, this time, it’s all about the best pornstars born in 1993. Even though these girls are no spring chickens, they’ve made a name for themselves and hit a stride. So check them out below and vote for your favorites.

Do you think there’s someone else we missed? Don’t hesitate to share your suggestions. After all, there are more pornstars born in 1993 than remain in the shadows. Moreover, these women should last you for at least a year since we’re talking about more than a dozen names.

#23 Kat Dior

Kat Dior 1993 Pornstar

Unrelated to mammals with furs, the cat woman of porn loves when you choke her. Not just with hands, but with dick too. You need to have something solid with at least 7 inches in length and double that for girth.

She also looks like a Julia Bond follower or extreme fan, even as both sluts have a paw tattoo. One got tired of porn and quit only to return when no one cared, while Dior is still an interesting catch, for now.

#22 Bonnie Rotten

Bonnie Rotten 1993

Talk about legendary and beyond fucked up pornstars. Ohio native, Bonnie Rotten, made waves in the porn world during her first 3-year stint and then disappeared. However, her love of rough and kinky sex as well as the tattoo-covered body are still unrivaled.

Although Bonnie had plenty of old scenes, we have some good news to share. She is returning as the Brazzers exclusive pornstar, recently signing a new deal. No matter whether old or fresh videos, all of them are on

#21 Kimber Woods

Kimber Woods 1993 Pornstar

Hopping into the VR porn train, Kimber prefers digitized reality, where most of her videos appear. It was hard to find anything else of decent quality. Should you now buy the headset to face the brunette pornstar? I’d rather not.

Besides decent facial aesthetics, Kimber Woods boasts a solid butt and tiny round butthole. Still not stretched to infinity and beyond like her co-workers.

#20 Jade Jantzen

Jade Jantzen 1993

Born on July 1st, 1993, in Texas, Jade Jantzen is a pornstar that some could confuse for a MILF. But even with fading looks that still attract crowds of millions, she has no issues receiving a free drink in a bar. Even more so, there are plenty of virgins who are in deep love with this slut.

Can we blame them, though? Round ass and classy style, brown hair, and a bright smile. Just a cool-looking hoe of 1993.

#18 Silvia Dellai

Silvia Dellai Pornstar

July 10th, 1993, is Silvia’s date of birth. The pornstar has since decorated her body with tattoos, wrinkles, and velvety silicone. The 5’2″ tall slut enhanced bazookas to 32B-24-33 tits, and all this meat package is coming from which country? Italy. That’s where they make the best sausages and pizzas. Or maybe a guy with laser eyes enhanced her tits in some shady hotel in a third-world country. Whatever the case, those look good.

How many videos are there? Just a few on professional sites, but make no mistake. Dellai has experience working in Prague since 2015, which makes her an experienced dick sucker. Also, just like cookies and cream, Silvia has a sister who, too, does adult stuff. Before you ask… No, I don’t think videos of them together exist, not that I looked…

#17 Jenna Ivory

Jenna Ivory 1993

Jenna Ivory is a memorable pornstar from 1991-born babes who dyes hair to the shade of white. A few years ago, she used to be way hotter and then somehow switched to a more conservative look. Looks a bit above her age, but maybe Jenna wants to be one of the youngest MILF pornstars?

Should you want to explore the world of this platinum blond, is here, waiting for you.

#16 Honey Gold

Honey Gold 1993

A mix of ebony, black and Asian, Honey Gold is a late bloomer as far as pornstars go. She jumped into the game only last year but quickly appeared on our radar. All thanks to the exotic look and tattoos. Hmm, maybe that tight little body helped too.

To compensate for the wasted time, Honey seems to take every opportunity on the way. This beautiful Asian whore isn’t saving herself for anything. That’s why people can appreciate scenes of hard and extreme sex, in addition to deepthroat oral, anal, interracial, and lesbian scenes.

#15 Cassidy Banks

Cassidy Banks 1993

How about another ebony beauty that is more famous than some of today’s rappers? Can’t argue about the intellect either, as Cassidy is one brilliant slut. Reaping multiple awards and best-rated scenes, she is perhaps one of the most successful sluts featured on EroHut.

Ten years ago, black pornstars were dead in the water, but things are improving. Go to and discover what made everyone so happy.

#14 Teal Conrad

Teal Conrad 1993

This girl reminds me of the crush I used to have some years ago. It was my ex-girlfriend’s best friend, and we had some good times. Sadly, she turned out to be one of the worst sluts I’ve seen, but that’s a story for another time.

Teal Conrad was born in June of 1993 in Oregon and is a mirror copy of the said girl. She simply needs to have her nose fixed, and I can see this slut being as successful as my ex among her neighbors.

#13 Luxury Girl

Luxury Girl Pornstar

Will I be cumming all over the place when streaming Luxury’s porn videos? No doubt! This monster of a slut eats dick as appetizer and takes in the ass for antres. What’s left for lunch and dinner is up for you to decide, but there’s no dick she’ll refuse. My joy is immense because even to this day, we continue to discover new pornstars that match the criteria.

Who knows what else is coming and what other sluts are waiting for the “sign from god” to ditch everything and start filming porn? This star is all over Brazzers.

#12 Morgan Lee

Morgan Lee 1993

Usually, we expect Asian girls to be timid, so color us surprised with a slut from 1991 like Morgan Lee. The action, performance, and everything else are always classy as fuck.

Starting at the age of 19, Morgan or Lil Kymchii, filled her resume with appearances on some of the best premium porn sites. Now you can see this 5” 1’ spinner in BDSM, interracial, anal, glam-core, and lesbian scenes.

#12 Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal 1993 Pornstar

The gravity doesn’t do much to redeem the situation of tiny Alexis Crystal tits. At this point, you shouldn’t even censor them on mainstream media sites. Thankfully, small grapes are fixable to some extent with the pads and other surgeon tricks.

The tiny cute butt and face are out of this word, however. It would be hard to dump Crystal in the long run if there’s still nothing to grab a few years down the dating road.

#11 Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka 1993 Pornstar

Waiting to get her pussy stuffed before Thanksgiving, Elena Koshka is no slouch. In fact, this sugar bunny has been extensively covered multiple times already and mainly in a positive light. That’s why we’ve picked a “not so interesting” picture. To show you that some diamonds have rough edges, this unsexy picture does just that.

At least you could fist her asshole without much care in the world. Yes, she was born in the remarkable year 1993.

#10 Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes 1993

Another blue-eyed blonde on the list! Jessa Rhodes is a straightforward, naughty blonde with a stunning body and a mischievous smile.

Long overdue as a mention, worked her way up from teen porn baring her tiny tits and slim ass to playing femdom secretary and cock hungry college professor. Jessa can go soft and slow, rough and fast, straight or lesbian. One of the top recommendations and our favorites on

#9 Hope Harper

Hope Harper 1993 Pornstar

Most of you will know or at least recognize the male fucking Hope Harper, but if not… It’s always funny, JMac. He’s been milking and smashing the tiniest sluts since the dawn of time, and this little bimbo meets his criteria.

Follow both of them via a $0 XVideos Premium account. It doesn’t get much better when you pick from the pornstars of 1993. That’s the fact.

#8 Natalia Starr

Natalia Starr 1993

A Polish sensation Natalia Starr has come a long way and is rightfully so in our top 10 pornstars born in 1993. This blonde with sexy eyes looks pretty much irresistible. And that applies to everything she does. Still, watching her bucking on a massive dong is something else.

If you choose to explore the work of this ravishing European beauty, go to

#7 Lena Paul

Lena Paul 1993

If you haven’t seen Lena Paul in action yet, prepare for a juicy surprise. She’s young, beautiful, and has the body of a Greek goddess with big hips and 32DDD tits.

Best of all, there is no turning back after you discover Lena’s videos on In an instant, viewers will realize that she’s a freak who loves boys, girls, and kinky sex.

#6 Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa 1993

If you haven’t been in a coma for the last ten years, then Mia Khalifa is a pornstar that should already be on your search history. Now, if your cock is waking up, then the 1993-born hoe is here for your enjoyment.

She’s an immature, Middle Eastern pornstar with Lebanese roots. With trademarks like huge fake tits, voluptuous hips, and immense love of big dicks. Catch her interracial, lesbian, and group sex videos on the $0 XVideos Premium network.

#5 Malena Morgan

Malena Morgan 1993

The best and worst of all pornstars, Malena does not like dicks, as simple as that. This fact has saddened us to the point where we can’t return. Not sure if the genes are to blame or what, but we hope that Malena Morgan spices up those sexual preferences with semen.

Born in 1993, she got famous rather quickly in a lesbian scene and could very well be one of the rarest pornstars that are true lesbos.

#4 Karma Rx

Known for extreme skills and delicious moist caves, Karma Rx stands easily on her own. While half of the pornstars mentioned here would not even receive inclusion in other top articles, this slut is different. There is nothing that she cannot do, from butt sex to throat yoga. And if you could judge the book by its cover, this hoe would be New York Times’s best-seller.

Only a few other pornstars could top Karma Rx, and these sit nicely below. The only issue is that if you visit the movie theater, she could take your popcorn if Brazzers’ video is of any indication. However, you know that these hoes like their food salty and warm, right? Forget the butter, just cum inside her mouth and that will be the end of it.

#3 Kate England

Kate England 1993

Simply Pearl or Kate England is a drop-dead gorgeous blonde with an all-natural body that every guy can enjoy or appreciate. We love small tits, puffy nipples, and pretty faces. I can’t name a favorite video, but Kate has seduced stepsisters, got involved in an interracial gang bang, and spread gallons of whip-cream on top of that ass.

Be careful, though, and don’t be fooled by this pornstar from 1993. Kate can be nasty but see for yourself on

#2 Ariana Marie

Ariana Marie 1993

There aren’t many Latina pornstars born in the year 1993 that are as hot or as exciting to watch as Ariana Marie. This “Twistys Treat of the Month” isn’t afraid to experiment.

Therefore, you can see Ariana being bound and fucked, playing a domina, getting ass destroyed with black dicks, and more. Even staring in cosplay porn. To fantasize about this beauty, go to

#1 Krystal Boyd

Krystal Boyd 1993

You can’t have a Russian pornstar article without Krystal Boyd nor a list of pornstars born in 1993, for that matter.

This skinny, anal-loving nymph is the perfect babe for fans of hot and sensual teen porn. She has a lot of aliases like Abbie, Anjelica, Abby H, and Slim Anya, but you can find them all on the

Written by George Best

A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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