Top 20: Truly Best & Hottest Lesbian Pornstars (2022)

Top 20: Truly Best & Hottest Lesbian Pornstars (2022)




If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to rile most men up, it’s hot lesbian porn. And since EroHut has already covered virtually everything else with our top 10 pornstar lists, we thought it was about time to switch things up.

Yes, it’s the perfect day to give the spotlight to some of the sexiest pussy loving ladies the porn industry has to offer. Before you are more than 10 of the best lesbian pornstars in our opinion. You’ll find a bit of everything looks-wise. Readers are bound to be happy with at least a few of our choices. If not, you can suggest your favorites and let the community decide.

#21 Nella Jones

So many shapes of pussy have been seen by Nella Jones that she, in the worst-case scenario, could become a gynecologist. Despite a newish age of 19, the American pornstar and one of the MetArt favorites have done plenty of passionate female-on-female videos. It pays dividends when you join the same-minded people at the age of 18.

Is she a bisexual or pure lesbian pornstar? Both. Her preference is female pussy and every scene where Nella is feasting on feminine butts is extremely rememberable. You get none of the fake bullshit either, just a spinner figure with a flat chest.

#20 Justine Joli

Justine Joli

Justine Joli or Swan Hope is a pale redhead lesbian with hoe eyes and a body that drives both men and women crazy. Although she has recently retired (after 15 years in porn), we still love watching her girl-on-girl and lesbian group sex scenes.

In the end, if you like nasty sex, check her out! The same goes for slow and sensual porn on networks like Justine is as versatile as a pair of tweezers.

#19 Chloe Cherry

Chloe Cherry Lesbian Pornstar

Not ashamed to explore the bisexual side of herself, this pornstar might not be committed to pussy exclusively, but it doesn’t matter. Why? Because the spectacular shows and scenes Chloe Cherry puts out are among the greatest.

This thumbnail shows what one can expect from the dirty blond pornstar. Lots of squirting action, hot lesbian girlfriends, and freshly squeezed pussy juice that most of us would love to try.

#18 Lucy Heart

Lucy Heart Lesbian Pornstar

Even lesbian pornstars can’t live without a good dick. Sucks to be attracted to the shape yet creatures that don’t have one. Lucy Heart is a Russian pornstar born in 1990 at the time when the Soviet Union was still in place.

She can be seen in the middle here, riding a rubber dildo and making out with an exotic-looking girlfriend. Who is the performer on the left? It’s a mystery.

#17 Nyomi Banxxx

Nnyomi Banxxx

As porn connoisseurs, leaving out an ebony lesbian like Nyomi Banxxx would be a total travesty on our part. The black lesbian porn movies where she films are some of the best around, not in the least because of her big chocolate tits and round ass.

Nyomi goes black on black and interracial, devouring all white and black pussy before her. See this ebony butt naked and going crazy on The home of hottest shit on the planet.

#16 Zoey Monroe

Zoey Monroe Lesbian Pornstar

Originally from Detroit, this pussy slave has been involved in all kinds of scenes. I can’t think of any exceptions. Girl-on-girl is a given since this is a top 10 of the most interesting lesbian pornstars. However, Zoey Monroe never managed to find the brakes.

Double penetration, interracial lesbian orgies, pussy worship, and the jewel of them all, tranny videos. If someone asks you to bring a fun girl to the party, you bring Zoey.

#15 Ivy Jones

Ivy Jones Lesbian Pornstar

How happy of a face can you pull off when your tongue is buried inside someone’s pussy? We bet it’s not as exciting or ecstatic as the one from Ivy Jones. She’s a real lesbian pornstar that hasn’t touched a male body in any sexual way.

Sadly, there are only few videos of this incredible babe and is your best bet at this point. Did you demand real lesbian girls? Here, now support her!

#14 Ryan Keely

Ryan Keely

We have learned to associate lesbian pornstars with cuteness and sensual touches. Ryan Keely aims to change your perspective on girl-on-girl action and acts of BDSM. Just like feminists, this female-loving hoe rocks short hair and a rather masculine look.

If you were in a relationship with Ryan, don’t expect to dominate her. This chick breathes and lives bondage porn. In other words, you will be the bitch.

#13 Kristen Scott

Kristen Scott Lesbian Pornstar

Turning 25 a few months from now, Kristen Scott (in the middle) is a 5 ft 2 in American pornstar that gets turned on by dominant partners. She has been in business for four years and is yet to unravel her full potential. While Kristen loves to draw the alphabet on moist cunts, her other passion is singing. That too requires some tongue and throat action.

Anyhow, she enjoys lesbian threesomes and passionate evenings with a single female partner.

#12 Veronica Leal

Veronica Leal Lesbian Pornstar

Starting with a finger down the bum hole, Veronica Leal transitioned from a shy Lesbian pornstar into a hardcore-loving slut. It took some time for the body to just, but that’s the joy about discovering new pornstars early.

You get to follow their full journey from amateurs to cock (or pussy) hungry whores. What else can we tell about Veronica Leal? This one is a California-born blond that in just a few years accumulated hundreds of videos, not all are with females though.

#11 Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes Lesbian Pornstar

When you reach the age of Jessa Rhodes, anything goes. Even better? You learn to let yourself go and enjoy the fun. That applies to Jessa Rhodes and the MILF on the left. Wait, isn’t she only 26-years old? It’s young versus old and this lesbian couple had quite a match.

By that I mean an absolute blast of a fuck scene with scissoring, oiled up bodies, passionate kisses and hardcore clit rubbing. Catch her on

#10 Ava Addams

Ava Addams

What can you say about Ava Addams other than that she’s an absolute porn legend? Fucked a bunch of lesbian pornstars in the process. Giant strap-ons? Check. Lesbian MILF love affair? Affirmative. Teaching lesbian teens the ropes? Also done. Scissor fucking till she cums? Of course.

See more of her on, with hundreds of steaming hot videos. Just a porn legend that will bury girly tongue inside either hole.

#9 Molly Stewart

Molly Stewart Lesbian Pornstar

Actively working with, here’s a real Lesbian hottie with red hair and a marvelous little cunt.

Did you catch the “real” part? Yes, this is another, woman-loving pornstar that is addicted to the feminine side as much as Americans are addicted to sugar. It’s always a pleasure to watch Molly and we are not the only ones. She pulls millions of views monthly!

#8 Abigail Mac

Abigail Mac

Dining on pussies like fat chicks do on chicken wings, Abigail Mac is another hot lesbian pornstar that joins the rest. Always showing fingers down girl’s pussies, assholes, and throats. It’s like she has too many fingers and others don’t know where to hide them all.

Abigail does not even have to undress for us to start imagining all the dirty things we would do to her. Thankfully, she is a bi-sexual and can stick a finger down your ass too.

#7 Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen

At 5”10’, big tits brunette Jelena Jensen is a sight to cherish. As a curvy MILF pushing past 30, she uses her imposing body to seduce babes almost half her age. As you can see from the photo above, Jelena particularly likes getting a pussy licking from a sexually curious schoolgirl.

See more of this sizzling whore on Highly recommended if you love hairy bushes too.

P.S. We have some of the best lesbian porn sites listed by rating scores. Assuming you adore such porn.

#6 Bree Daniels

Bree Daniels

Bree Daniels is a hot short hair pornstar with green eyes, natural boobs, and long legs that hypnotize. If you want to see her in action, check out the hot scene above, or her wild lesbian romp with stepsister Chloe Amour.

Our recommended place to start would be All porn scenes are filled with pussy juices, nasty smells, and sticky fingers.

#5 Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia, also known as Mia Marx, is a petite beauty that needs no special introduction. If you want to watch one of the hottest lesbian pornstars in action, now you know who to turn to.

There are no constraints or templates that Eva chooses to follow. She does it slowly, kinky, and she does it hardcore with reckless abandon. Satisfy your fantasies with this hot babe on There are plenty of videos that will drive you to the edge of exhaustion.

#4 Kimmy Granger

Kimmy Granger

Little Kimmy Granger is up there with the best when it comes to riding big cocks, but we think her heart lies in pussy licking female costars. This cute, young pornstar, makes a feast out of every clit she gets to tease with her tongue and doesn’t pick based on age.

In other words, Kimmy loves teens and MILF lesbian pornstars alike. Fans will find her on sites like Wipe your mouth now, it’s drooling.

#3 Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik

She’s hot, extremely sexy, and fucking crazy in bed. We’re, of course, talking about Adriana Chechik. Fisting, strap-ons, anal gaping, squirting, and all-around rough and wild sex, puts her among the top lesbian pornstars. It’s weird how such a good-looking woman can be so bizarre in bed, for all the right and wrong reasons. Who wouldn’t like this?

If you’re ready for some of the most extreme lesbian sex, watch her on

Don’t hesitate to share your favorite lesbian pornstars. We love to hear from lovers of passionate porn.

#2 Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper

Dillon Harper is young, busty, incredibly cute, and best of all a sworn lover of pussy. When she’s not getting her hairy snatch licked, you can find her banging her brains out in smutty lesbian porn. Or grinding clits with a MILF to change the pace.

Her work is available on, where she gets to fuck every single pornstar imaginable. An absolute treasure of a lesbian pornstar that must be saved for new generations.

#1 Malena Morgan

Malena Morgan

Malena Morgan is a skinny, adventurous babe that by all accounts prefers to bury her face in pussy. She’s starred alongside stars like Dani Daniels in hot lesbian porn videos. Most of which were filled with rampant rimming, gasps, and kisses.

Malena also likes to do it slow, sensual and tongue a tight cunt into submission. Either way, you can find her on for some hardcore lesbian action or

Written by George Best

A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.