Top 20: Insane Orgasms GIFs & Orgasming Pornstars (2024)

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#01. Brazzers
#02. RealityKings
#03. BangBros

There are no shortages of good performers or pornstars. There is indeed a lot of scripted and overproduced porn out there with no chemistry between performers and no real climax. However, there are also plenty of adult actresses that indeed cum like crazy on camera in many scenes. To prove the naysayers wrong, we’ll show you 10+ of the best pornstar orgasm GIFs. You’ll see famous babes quivering, shaking, and losing their minds from thick cocks and toys. Let’s start.

Lisa Ann

The old cougar who has been fucking since the early 90s or whatever has had thousands of orgasms over her lifetime. It saddens me to say that her “orgasm-o-meter” is running out, and that’s why it’s only fair to start the top 20 with a mention of one of the community favorites. Maybe not from this decade, but you know what I mean.

As they say in movies and random books, respect your elders! Well, today, I’m jerking off to Lisa Ann and her female friends, all of which are cumming as hard as I am doing right now.

Ashlynn Casting

That is what’s called orgasm torture, where you don’t let your partner take a rest. Ashlynn signed up, and both enjoyed as well as regretted that decision. With a healthy heart and plenty of stamina, there were no issues.

For me or any of the people who haven’t experienced anything beyond a single orgasm, this could give you a heart attack.

Chrissy Fox

In this sensual scene for, young Czech pornstar Krisy Fox or Crissy Fox puts on quite the show.

We don’t know what’s hotter: her tiny tits shaking or her entire body convulsing from a deep orgasm. If you want to see more of this breathtaking beauty, go to the studio behind this scene.

Cecilia Lion

What if you want to see some pornstars exploding in the joy that isn’t white? Could that be a metaphor for cum? Cecilia Lion is a wild ebony slut with an Afro haircut and soft lips. This video was full of orgasms, groans, and screams of ecstasy. Guys, if you don’t want your woman to cheat on you, fuck her like this dude.

Otherwise, you’re up for a rather disappointing life. Speaking from my own experience here.

Adria Rae

There’s no faking this pornstar orgasm shot for site MomsTeachSex. Here Adria Rae gets her hot little clit rubbed by a MILF, India Summer. At once, with the cock ride and hardcore threesome.

Watch how her knees shake and tell us that isn’t the sexiest thing you’ve seen all day. If you’d like to see more of this petite pornstar, check out the source.

Lucy Tyler

At 24, little blonde Lucy Tyler is five years deep into the porn industry and has some fantastic scenes on countless porn sites, most featuring some orgasms.

However, we keep coming back to this cock ride and quivering climax shot for

Her jiggling ass is incredible. We’d do so many bad things to Lucy.

Amarna Miller

Spanish redhead Amarna Miller, AKA Carmina, is a pale skin goddess that could empty our balls with just one look. We don’t know whether she had the pleasure to ride big black cocks before porn, but she’s gotten used to them quickly.

You can see that a fat BBC hits the spot in this exclusive scene. If you like her little body, find more of Amarna on Free PornHub Premium.

Janice Griffith

This is the most action-packed 13 seconds we’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. You can find this scene on Getting clit rubbed while sitting on a cock was too much for her Janice Griffith to take.

While shaking (and moaning like crazy), she taps out and slides off, trying to come to her senses. She’s a fan favorite thanks to her golden-brown skin, cute face, and flawless set of small but perky tits. See this babe in action now.

Tanata Trash

With a healthy dose of ass fucking comes an orgasm from Tanata Trash, an underrated pornstar you now know. I love the pulsating butthole post-orgasm, the screams of pleasure, and everything else.

Now, she gets to orgasm like that every single day. Imagine satisfying your partner at least once this way! It would boost my ego from 2 to 9000.

Olive Glass

Another epic orgasm, and this one is even better! That’s not torture; it’s an assisted suicide at this point. And you thought that the above was already too extreme. Olive Glass does everything right here; by that, I mean there’s no talent.

You must relax and let your body do the talking. It’s epic! Okay, maybe 10% of talent is needed.

Eufrat and Blue

It’s one of the very few lesbian orgasms where there’s no meat or fake meat involved – just years of training, a strong tongue, and an understanding of female anatomy. For me, the most important part was always endurance.

Have you tried licking pussy for more than a few minutes? If you keep jamming them down there, it starts to hurt, from jaw to tongue, and even your fingers. The practice is what I need more of.

Malena Morgan

Want to keep females happy? Learn how to give them an oral sex experience worth talking about. Women always claim that dick isn’t the most important part, and if they get the orgasm, it’s fine. Malena Morgan knows this best because she is a lesbian-only pornstar.

I’m not sure if she’s having a stroke, worms, shock therapy, or one of the strongest orgasms of the year. It’s all here, folks on EroHut.

Madison Ivy

Pushing dick out of her, Madison can’t take it anymore. Would you be surprised if she fell in love with the male pornstar? Legs lifted in the air and close to the head… Take these notes! It creates a tighter grip that is so important for an explosive orgasm.

At this point, I’m the master of satisfying any female; at least, I’d like to believe so. Who knew that orgasms are so educational?


An amateur pornstar that some of you will hopefully identify! The only one where we couldn’t find any names, details, or sources. It’s an ass orgasm from another world. Trembling thighs with the best face we’ve seen of any slut.

Jesus won’t even save you from premature ejaculation. The question is if you would want him to do that.

Andreina De Luxe

How brutal can a female orgasm even be? This orgasm will remind you that your girlfriend is not enjoying sex with you. Join the rest of us when we meet to talk about porn and do nothing to enhance our lives.

Andreina De Luxe is a gorgeous pornstar, and her orgasms need no further selling. Stream the rest of a video on PornHub Premium for free.

Kiera Winters

Do you want to see a real pornstar orgasm? Then go to and watch this scene with Kiera Winters in full. That shaved beauty from Idaho edged herself into a cowgirl climax with knees shaking but kept going.

Now that’s a real trooper or an insatiable slut. Either way, we love this nymph. That thick and long cock must feel great for Kiera.

Kimmy Granger

This threesome is incredible, especially when Kimmy Granger begins to shake from orgasm in this hunk’s arms. We must give it up to him as much as we love Kimmy. He made both these sluts cum.

Anyone interested in more Kimmy Granger videos should visit, which has more scenes than any other site.

Kristen Scott

You never know how a girl will react when she cums, and Kristen Scott is a good example. This babe went into a full-body quiver with hands shaking from a deep anal orgasm. This scene is as real as it gets.

But don’t stop there; Kristen has more on multiple other networks. But, as you might have guessed by now, most of the orgasm GIFs and scenes generally come from one site – the dome of female orgasms.

Rachel Starr

No, you’re not going anywhere! So why do women want to keep moving before the sweet release? Seriously! They want to move away from the dick and get mad at you if you let them. Rachel Starr is here in the early days, without much plastic in her ass or lips.

I mean, even the condom is still present here. When was the last time you saw that thing? Download a full video from

Samantha Rone

Holy shit! We got sound here, and it’s as good as we’d hoped. This pornstar orgasm is the end of an incredible scene starring none other than Samantha Rone.

We’d give our arm and a leg to be able to make her cum like this because Sammy is among our favorites. Even though she doesn’t have a typical look, we love her face and figure. Her screaming-like face is full of joy and stress-release hormones.

Abella Danger

When looking for the best pornstar orgasms, we knew flexible babe Abella Danger was going to make an appearance. In this scene, we see Bella Danger in all her glory. Fucking Machines is a bonus site of the former network, in case you wonder.

Tied up with rope bondage, she shakes uncontrollably from a massive climax courtesy of a dildo machine.

It was our first foray into orgasms, but certainly not the last. If you know anyone who thinks pornstars have fake orgasms, you can give them this list and prove them wrong. Name your favorites.

Written by George Best

A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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