Top 15: The Hottest Portuguese Pornstars (2020)

Top 15: The Hottest Portuguese Pornstars (2020)




Have you ever wondered who are the best pornstars from Portugal? Well, now’s your chance to find out and satisfy your curiosity. We’re looking for booty in this seafaring European nation, and there seems to be plenty to go around.

So, let’s look at some of the top Portuguese pornstars and see what we got here. Don’t forget to vote or to let us know if you come across other hot chicks that we need to add to this list.

#1 Erica Fontes

Erica Fontes Portuguese

If there's one Portuguese pornstar you've heard of already, it's Erica Fontes. This bleached blonde, born in 1991, started with a cute and tiny pair of tits that grew as she established herself in the adult industry. You can see Erica in glam-core scenes, fucking in public, riding a BBC, taking it up the ass, and banging old guys.

If any of that rings your bell, watch Erica on There are dozens of scenes that will make your balls empty.

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#2 Susana Melo

Susana Melo Portuguese

Susana Melo is another 27-year-old pornstar from Portugal. The slim redhead has worked with sites like and continues to put out new scenes. Among her best work is a famous glamcore office sex scene on the very same network. With worthy mentions going to first-time interracial DP and the collaboration with Rocco Siffredi.

Not as popular as Erica Fontes, but equally as hot.

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#3 Anastasia Lux

Anastasia Lux Portuguese

Brunette BBW Anastasia Lux is another beauty born in Portugal that now calls a foreign country her home. The UK-based beauty with green-eyes and massive natural tits stayed around for a few years in the adult business and shot multiple scenes.

In Anastasia’s videos, she fucks black and white guys, takes every creampie that comes her way, and never says no to tits fucking. Fans of plump and busty girls can watch this Portuguese babe on $0 PornHub Premium.

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#4 NoeMilk

NoeMilk Portuguese

If you thought that all Portuguese pornstars were white, then you're in for a pleasant surprise. This is NoeMilk, a young and athletic ebony from Portugal that keeps her 24-year-old body in pristine condition. It’s an exotic pornstar from the roots of Europe.

Active since 18, Noe has at least 50 scenes out for sites like An exhibitionist at heart, she won't only show off her ass, but also love to get it pounded whether indoors, outdoors or in public.

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#5 Sofia Takigawa

Sofia Takigawa Portuguese

Sofia Takigawa was born in Japan to a Portuguese father and grew up in Portugal. That was before returning to Japan to try her luck in the porn industry. Now 30, Sofia has been at it for six years and has at least a dozen of videos under her name.

Everything from sex on the beach to solo scenes. Just another whore in a bucket of whores. Also, is somewhat into cosplay porn.

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#6 Scarlett Johnson

Scarlett Johnson Portuguese

The last on our top 10 of the hottest Portuguese pornstars is Scarlett Johnson. As another late bloomer, she decided to get into porn at age 30, or four years ago. So far, Scarlett has managed to film a few scenes for, the famous amateur site.

With multiple scenes in place, this slut already had doctor sex, fucked in public, and explored fetishes for BDSM networks. We can't wait to see more.

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#7 Nina Trevino

Nina Trevino Portuguese

Gorgeous blonde Nina Trevino has entered the porn industry at the ripe old age of 27. Sadly, there are just few scenes under her name with nothing new coming. Still, those of you who enjoy lesbian action with lots of fingering can go to and see Nina firsthand.

It’s a pornstar worth falling in love with, but not something you need to follow. Because you know, retirement.

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#8 Ana Monte Real

Ana Monte Real Portuguese

Ana Monte Real, or Ana Montereal, is a blonde MILF that spent three years shooting porn. Her work mostly includes scenes for the greatest European porn site, Although her time in the industry was short, Ana made the most of it with anal, foot fetish, and some wild pussy pounding scenes.

She's among the most exciting Portuguese pornstars. Experiencing her is like watching a piece of history.

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#9 Charlyse Bella

Charlyse Bella Portuguese

Charlyse Bella is one of those idiotic pornstars with the most aliases. These include Charlyse Tinkerbell, Charlyse Angel, and many others. But as Shakespeare once said, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.

This tall Slovakian blonde with little boobs is simply angelic, whatever you call her. Personally. We prefer to call this one a massive slut. Of course, as cute as some girls are in the porn business, you can always expect to see them doing nasty acts for the camera. The same is true for Charlyse who deepthroats dick, loves anal, and takes creampies like no one else. See her on

#10 Rebecca Pinair

Rebecca Pinair Portugese

Fresh from the pond of European pornstars from Portugal, Rebecca Pinair is your hoe on the right. Wearing maid outfit and no bra, it’s clear what are the intentions of this babe. She is among least popular on the list.

However, that’s a chicken and egg situation. The only way to make things better is by educating everyone about the existence of other performers.

#11 Sonia Kel

Sonia Kel Portuguese

It’s hard to tell what’s happening with dude’s dick as it’s white, but it’s none of our business. If Sonia loves to fuck guys with infection, then we can’t argue with that either. As pretty as they come in Portugal, with fucked up mind that everyone here loves.

Busty breasts, cute head and other cool features. Overall, a decent Portuguese whore that is on $0 PornHub Premium.

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#12 Fabiana Britto

Fabiana Britto Portugese Pornstar

Isn’t she the sexiest model for the Portuguese Playboy? Fabiana Britto won’t be classified as a pornstar and is more of a nude glamor model, which is great too. There aren’t enough performers in Portugal, so let’s split some straws.

I mean, porn is sometimes about nudity, great boobs and this woman has everything. Would love to explore more galleries and who knows… Maybe in the future Fabiana will transition to something even hotter, like solo videos. That’s all you get for more.

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#13 Ishida Karen

Ishida Karen Portugese Pornstar

This might be the first time of me seeing a half Japanese and Portuguese pornstar. Looks interesting enough, with some exotic traces but doesn’t move far from the needle of Asian performer. Looks like those Japanese cells took over.

Only a very limited number of videos is available online. The situation in fact is not encouraging. You can count all Ishida’s scenes with your tits or balls. Hopefully, some motivation from EroHut community will push her into making more of the same.

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#14 Paola Imai

Paola Imai Portugese Pornstar

Accept the looks or move on. Can’t find much good to say about Paola, except for the ethnicity and country of birth. You guys need to get more hot Portuguese sluts into adult business or risk flooding market with mediocre ones.

Having said that, there aren’t even twenty hoes to talk about yet and this European country had dozens of years to do so. At least natural tits are nice and some healthy growth in the crotch area.

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#15 Jazella Moore

Jazella Moore Portuguese

According to the internet, Anabela Mota Janke or Jazella Moore was in the industry for mere two years. Born in 1965, the hot blonde from Portugal is made for the fans of mature babes.

Unlike many older pornstars, she kept herself natural, and we only wish that Jazella kept at it. Nonetheless, despite receiving many downvotes on EroHut, we like this one too.

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Written by George Best

Long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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