Top 20: The Hottest Korean Pornstars on Planet (2024)

Top 23+: The Hottest Korean Pornstars on Planet (2024)


#01. Brazzers
#02. RealityKings
#03. BangBros

For the casual porn fan, these are just Asian pornstars. However, we appreciate the subtle differences between babes from different far east nations.

Sometimes, these differences are not so subtle, as is the case with Japanese pornstars.

So, let us introduce you to some of the hottest Korean pornstars. These brunettes share tons of the same characteristics we all love, yet have that North and South Korean flavor. So how about we apply some lube and go to town? If you know what I’m saying.

#23 Minka


54KK – that’s the size of those tits; take it all in. They belong to Minka, who uses other names like China Lake, Mary Benson, and Shawnee Cuts. Minka still has fewer aliases than there have been cocks inside her cavities.

She’s a legend of big-boob porn. You can see this Korean pornstar going toe to toe with the likes of Ron Jeremy and fooling around with equally endowed women. So, if you like huge jugs and Asian chicks, check her out.

#22 Gaia


Gaia is a curvy Korean pornstar bombshell that’s not for the weak of the heart. She takes things to the extreme and doesn’t mind getting her face fucked like a toy. Well, if these fetishes sound too light, there are always ass gapes and rough anal.

Better yet, her pierced pussy squirts like the Old Faithful! Gaia owns big juicy tits, albeit a stupid and short name.

#21 Jennie Rose

Jennie Rose Pornstar

Don’t cry over spilled cum because Jennie will still mix it with kimchi and feed it to ya. If she was an ad from Craigslist, you’d have all the boxes checked. Her petite figure is what you want from a Korean pornstar, and the rest follows naturally. Small proportions bring tiny titties and a semi-flat ass. Again, these are the qualities that you expect from Korean women.

Oh, and while some sluts think that their best qualities are boobs, “personality” (always wrong), and being all-knowing cum cup, Jennie goes the other way. She never fakes an orgasm! That’s right, folks, and isn’t that like the greatest quality to have? Not just among pornstars but among all women?

#20 Nyomi Star

Nyomi Star

Nyomi Star is a cute and fit Korean-American pornstar that works with the likes of Despite running Spartan races, we think her toughest challenge was fitting Rico Strong’s dick inside her tight round ass and deep into her throat.

Nonetheless, Nyomi wowed us with her appetite for black cock and anal performance. Keep an eye out for this Asian hoe, she’s delicious. The nice butthole button is my favorite part of this gallery.

#19 Mia Smiles

Mia Smiles

I don’t see her smiling in this scene. Mia Smiles began her porn career in 1996 and cranked out well over 300 movies until her retirement 16 years later. Smoking, interracial sex, threesomes, and lesbian oral are just some of the things she’s tried out over the years and on camera.

You’ll love her, or at least we hope so. A cock or two down her stretched pussy is nothing for this Korean pornstar. See more of Mia Smiles at

#18 Saya Song

Saya Song

Saya Song is a new pornstar and a rising one who has been on the porn scenes for just three years. So not exactly an experienced slut yet.

This petite and tattoo-covered hottie has small boobs and a tight little ass that just begs to be ravished. So, if you like to see rough sex scenes with stretched Korean pornstars, check out Saya. Her yummy rear is not off-limits if you understand what we imply.

Find more of Saya Song at

#17 Rina Ellis

Rina Ellis Korean Pornstar

Another fallen angel from the South Korean capital, Rina Ellis, made hundreds of videos and changed her mind. It’s funny how her ass and pussy holes got flooded with cum, and then Rina’s interests switched from guys to girls.

That’s one flexible slut that will change her orientation for a decent amount of cash. Rina has since destroyed her profile page with misleading birth dates and other garbage. Now, it’s time for her to eat my cum and then yours.

#16 Mina Moon

While we wait for North Korean pornstars, Mina Moon will have to fill the empty void. I’ve had a chance to stream her work a few years earlier, and 2023 was the year when we approved her listing. You don’t want to add a new name just because they film one video. So Mina had to prove herself, and I’m happy to say that the goal has been reached.

A cute 5’ 2” brunette with a kissable model at the bottom area of her natty tits spells trouble for your semen reserves.

#15 Nicole Oring

Nicole Oring

With big firm boobs, silky legs, and an exotic Korean face, Nicole Oring is the kind of pornstar we’d bang for hours. She’s the star of numerous porn movies packed with raw and passionate sex.

Do you want to know the best part? Despite preferring dick, she likes to wrestle, smother and eat out moist pussies too. There’s never a dull moment with Nicole.

This Korean pornstar is regular on

#14 Nari Park

Nari Park Korean Pornstar

Nari Park grew up in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and moved to the United States in the 20s. Weighing around 120 pounds and a height of 165 cm, she’s a fragile hole to get your dick covered in pussy glue.

What fetishes is Nari into? Anal gangbangs, solo videos, asshole stretching surrounded by lesbians, and some BDSM play. To move up the ladder, she needs bigger tits and belly fat removal; it’s somewhat appalling.

#13 Mika Tan

The heavyweight of cock sucking porn, Mika Tan, has been tanning as safely as the world’s leading health organization recommends. She’ll never get a sunburn of any type because the glazing hot cum covers every inch of Mika’s body. Not just face, but tits, pussy (inside or outside), hairy shithole (if there’s one), the outside of a colon, and so much more.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the healthiest Korean pornstar that demands your immediate attention. You, too, can join the “group action” and donate your semen to this incredible lady.

#12 Ayumi Anime

Ayumi Anime Korean Pornstar

Anime is a Japanese invention, yet Ayumi Anime named herself just like that for some unknown reason. As one of the hotter Korean pornstars, the fake tits bimbo rode through every cock curve, even did erotic photos only before switching to a real thing.

Now, at 30 years of age, Ayumi lives in Ukraine and makes some light music in a band.

#11 Jayden Lee

Jayden Lee Korean Pornstar

Join and discover how Asian pornstars can give you an ich for fragile babes from Korea, Japan or China. Can we switch places and fuck her instead of the blue dildo?

As all tales about sluts go, Jayden worked as a stripper before discovering the joy of porn. So she got solid 36DD fake tits to differentiate from typical flat-chested Koreans and now enjoys a good-paying job. We’ve heard that Lee has a strong work ethic, too.

#10 Kim Soo Ah

Kim Soo Ah

Kim Soo Ah has a few scenes we can’t stop watching. Her youthful looks and delicious body make her irresistible. In the first, she plays a Korean student who gets bathed and ass fucked by an old German man. In the second one, she teases off her white cotton panties and schoolgirl skirt for a foursome ass fucking.

Built like a typical Korean pornstar with small features and an innocent face, Kim is one of the whores to check. No regrets, I promise.

#9 Mia Rider

Mia Rider

Insert a penny or two, and you can, too, ride this Korean pornstar. Running from her roots, Mia Rider goes against the grain with dyed hair and European clothing. Smooth skin, cute little butt, and always appreciated stockings.

Some swear by her, while others feel indifferent. Unfortunately, the only way to find out how you feel about Mia is to watch her perform.

#8 Beti Hana

Beti Hana

Beti Hana is a South Korean pornstar that, unfortunately, only performed during a span of 4-years. Despite that, this kinky whore appeared alongside Asian babes such as London Keyes and Asa Akira. All while filming for some of the top porn sites around.

We still remember Beti for her yummy tits and the BDSM scene pictured above. Spoiler Alert: After the Sybian, she gets ravaged by a dildo machine.

See more of Beti Hana at

#7 Morgan Lee

Morgan Lee Korean Pornstar

As marvelous looking as other Korean sluts on (just not North Korean pornstars), Morgan Lee is a petite beauty with star tattoos and curly black hair. It’s hard to expect color any other than brunette.

Born in Michigan, Morgan Lee grew up in a Korean household and then moved to Los Angeles for one reason only… To make money getting her holes destroyed by filthy white dongs.

#6 Kimberly Chi

Kimberly Chi Korean Pornstar

There’s an old quote that you need to surround yourself with positive people, and in the end, you, too, will become a positive person. Unfortunately, we guess that Kimberly took this out of context, even too far, and went all-in.

The lover of gangbangs and hardcore orgies, Kimberly Chi, is a name that most Korean pornstar followers are familiar with. She grew up in California and equally loved both genders. But, three is a crown, and here it’s a whole country of men, all of which fuck Chi.

#5 Kitty Yung

Kitty Yung

Zana Que or Kitty Yung is our favorite Korean pornstar bar none. At 5” 3’ and 92 lbs, she is extremely slim and tiny. But, just like with other Asians, Que has the barely legal look down to a tee. How is that even possible?

Kitty is always dwarfed in size by her co-stars, so watching her get plowed and spun around is something else. Unfortunately, she passed away at age 34 but left us with over 150 porn films to enjoy.

Now you know who our favorite Korean pornstars are. If you have any thoughts and comments or want to share your favorites, don’t hesitate to leave a reply below. More importantly, stay tuned for more Asian babes because we’re not done yet!

#4 Daisy Haze

Daisy Haze Korean Pornstar

Daisy Haze is the most exotic among all Korean pornstars, half Russian and half Korean. But, like, is this even a good thing? It’s all about the passport and genes in our top 10. So, even if Daisy looks mostly Caucasian, we’re happy to oblige and get her listed here.

This slut has worked with among other super sites, is a great fuck too.

#3 Honey Moon

Honey Moon Korean Pornstar

Getting her Korean pussy wrecked by solid performers at, Honey Moon is a pornstar made in heaven. Her happy meals include sticky fries and lots of meat, if you catch my drift.

Nice fake breasts, black hair, and more of the same that you can find on every Asian slut from the 21st century. That’s a pro, too, since loose holes have no issues. Even if she’s in her late 80s or 90s. That’s an epic level of tightness.

#2 Kalina Ryu

Kalina Ryu

Asian pornstars don’t get their fair share of the spotlight regarding giant butts. Kalina Ryu goes alongside popular European, Latina, and American women that too, have superb behinds. Heck, let’s throw some Brazilian hoes too.

Such tight pussy can stretch and fit multiple fingers or fists is a sight to behold. Pour some oil on the Korean ass and eat it with a pair of chopsticks. is where you can find her.

#1 Lee Chae Dam

Lee Chae Dam

Have fun remembering that nickname! Lee Chae Dam is a sexy pornstar with familiar Korean features: black hair, silky skin, and mesmerizing eyes. But, more importantly, she’s starred in many story-driven porn movies packed with real, sensual sex.

Although if you don’t have time, you can always check the brief and raunchy sex scenes. What is your preference anyway? I’m not sure if I like the image style, but Koreans sometimes can be weird.

Written by George Best

A long-time porn critic and adult scene enthusiast, George has more than a decade of first-hand experience. With close to 500 movie reviews, he now shares his porn knowledge for best pornstars and trustworthy porn sites.

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