Top 12: Best Japanese Pornstars & IV Idols (2019)

Top 12: Best Japanese Pornstars and IV Idols (2019)




Even though our team has already covered hot Asian pornstars, we’re just insatiable when it comes to beauties from the far east.

Thus, we couldn’t resist making this 10 list of the best Japanese pornstars. Porn from Japan is unlike anything else, and these are our favorite AV models. Some go for censorship while others do not.

#1 Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa

You may not agree with us here, but Miyabi or Maria Ozawa is at the top of most such lists. Of mixed descent, sporting a slender figure worth drooling over.

Maria is one of the most recognizable Japanese pornstars in our top 10 and the good news don’t stop! Yes, this hottie keeps that pussy pixel free for the most part. Like most of the girls on this list, many of her scenes are on

That concludes our best Japanese pornstars list. This a good jumping off point for anyone unfamiliar with porn from Japan.

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#2 Marica Hase

Marica Hase

Somewhat of a legend by now, Marica Hase or Marika Hase flaunts her skinny ass and little tits in all sorts porn scenes. Thankfully, mostly uncensored ones with dicks at least twice the size of the ones she was used to in Japan. Now that’s an upgrade!

It also seems she’s quite fond of big black cocks. Marica is a performer for many premium porn sites.

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#3 Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka

You might not believe it at first but Mingo, also known as Hitomi Tanaka, has all natural 46JJ breasts. These massive, implant-free love machines just boggle the mind.

You can see big twins in nurse and bathroom sex, MILF boss gang bangs in Japanese boardrooms and, of course, tentacle sex. How can you not have a Japanese pornstar without weird fetishes? has at least two dozen of this beauty’s scenes.

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#4 Yui Hatano

Yui Hatano

You really can’t go wrong whichever Japanese pornstar you pick from the list, and Yui Hatano is a great example too. She has a juicy God given body adorned with firm tits along with an unrivaled appetite for cock and cumshots.

If you go to, you’ll find at least 30 of her scenes. These will last you some months and you can always switch to other actresses too.

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#5 Anri Okita

Anri Okita

As soon as we saw Anri Okita AKA Akane Mizuki bouncing her big Asian tits, we were mesmerized. Anyone who likes to fondle large boobies, get titjobs and lick nipples will have a blast watching Anri Okita perform.

Plenty of natural curves, great butt for the Japanese pornstar and decent look.

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#6 Suzuka Ishikawa

Suzuka Ishikawa

Despite being 30 years old, pornstar Suzuka Ishikawa or Ikeuchi Rina looks no older than 18! This is something that we all love about women from the land of the rising sun.

If you’re going to check out this little hottie, we recommend one of her many threesome sex scenes. Adorable, amateurish and extremely sexy, that’s Suzuka for you.

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#7 Azumi Mizushima

Azumi Mizushima

Now, if you want to see a hot Japanese pornstar groped and fucked in public transport, our vote goes to Azumi Mizushima. Like many of her counterparts, she has a face that never ages!

Also, plump breasts and a juicy ass - a perfect combo. She’s another pornstar that you will find of free porn tubes. That’s just the nature of Japanese porn.

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#8 Azusa Nagasawa

Azusa Nagasawa

First up on our list was 29-year-old Azusa Nagasawa or Azumi Nagao, an AV Idol with big natural tits and a beautiful face. Obviously, the first question on everyone’s mind is about titjobs.

Does she give good titjobs? The answer is a resounding yes. Even better, she has tons of uncensored creampie scenes. See more of her on

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#9 Kotomi Asakura

Kotomi Asakura

Megumi Satonaka, Kotomi Asakura, and Amina Saitou are just some of the names under which this cute Japanese pornstar has performed for

She’s most notable for her little tits and trimmed squirting pussy - enough to keep us entertained. Might look shy in this photo, but don’t judge a whore from the first picture.

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#10 Aino Kishi

Aino Kishi

Starting with the bad news, it looks like Aino Kishii retired after seven years in the business. But this skinny Japanese pornstar hottie was no slouch and filmed a ton of scenes.

These include cosplay and prison sex, as well as schoolgirl and nurse porn. Basically, all staples of the Japanese adult industry. The best way to enjoy her work is to find her on free porn sites.

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#11 Shiina Yuna

Shiina Yuna

For some, Shiina Yuna is an unknown Japanese pornstar. For those of freakish fantasies, it’s another dirty slut worth watching. Like many of her kind, these hot tits are God made.

There are no fake plastics, silicone or other nastiness. Even her make-up is light compared to American or European pornstars.

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#12 Yuu Shinoda

Yuu Shinoda

Covering her pussy with panties that Japanese men would love to buy for some yen, Yuu is another banger. Rocking thick thighs and meaty ass, it’s a default go-to for many of the chubby pornstar lovers.

She is not fat by regular standards but every other Japanese pornstar looks twice as small.

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