See the Best Pin-Up to Ever Live Bettie Page Nude in Color




American model Bettie Mae Page made a name for herself in the 1950s thanks to a long line of pin-up photos and nudes. If you’re a porn omnivore like we are, you’ve surely run into this blue-eyed and all natural brunette hottie before. Even though most Bettie Page videos and photos are black and white, we’re sure nobody minds. However, seeing this vintage babe in color is something else entirely. Check some of her best color pictures out:

Those Bettie Page bangs are iconic, and her body is beautiful, especially in comparison to fake plastic pornstars of today. Foot fetish lovers will surely notice her soles and feet in this picture. We, on the other hand, don’t know what excites us more: her small tits or her ass.

Here’s a better view for booty lovers like us. This nude Bettie Page photo makes us want to grab a big ol’ handful of her tight butt. For reference, she was five foot five and a half.

Milky white skin is a big turn on for many people, including us, but a young, sun-bathed body like this is hard to resist.

One trend that we’re glad is making a comeback is a hairy pussy like this one. Back in the 1950s and 60s, you couldn’t expect anything else. Bettie Page rocked an inviting bush made for a pussy buffet.

Sometimes colorizing black and white photos can mess things up, but this picture shows Bettie’s sparkling blue eyes in all of their glory. However, we can’t help but gravitate towards her little tits, despite their small size.

Anyone who’s appetite has opened up after this can check miss Page out on MrSkin or in the Playboy archives. After all, she was one of the very first Playmates of the Month back in January of 1955.

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