Hot Pictures of Female Fans from the Russia World Cup 2018




The World Cup is one of the largest sporting events in the world. It attracts millions of fans that watch the matches live and billions of viewers that tune in from around the globe. Every time it is held, there’s a fair share of upsets, drama, heartbreak and, of course, triumphs. However, we’d like to take this chance to show you sexy World Cup girls from Russia 2018. Browsing through all the photos, we have to say, that there were a ton of hotties on the stands, and here are some of our favorite ones.

South Korea

This South Korean fan is among the cutest we’ve seen, but don’t be fooled, she’s hiding a nice set of tits underneath her jersey. Too bad we have to imagine what they look like instead of seeing them bare.


An up close and personal selfie can sometimes be even better than stadium journalists with zoom lenses. This hot girl from Norway snapped a quick photo in her car and showed off her immense cleavage.


Hungary World Cup girls were in the running for the best boobs but were unmatched and unrivaled when it came to showing them off. This enticing view brings titjobs and tittyfucking pornstars to mind.


Unfortunately, Poland didn’t make it past the group stage, and we have only one question to ask the team: how could you disappoint such a beautiful Polish babe?


It looks like this Asian girl found the perfect place to keep her smartphone, but it wouldn’t be possible without a low cut jersey and a pair of big, mouthwatering boobs.


…and while we’re on the subject of boobs, we have nothing but praise for this hot Croatian brunette. We don’t know whether to look up or down, because she is both busty and beautiful.


One of the hottest Russian fans at the 2018 World Cup turned out to be Natalya Nemchinova, a blonde nude model, and adult actress.


Mexico’s 2018 World Cup dreams came to an end in the group stages. While they were losing to everyone but Germany, we were checking out their fans. This Latin brunette is stunning: black hair and blue eyes. ¡Ay, caramba!


Say what you will about Albanians, but their World Cup fans are a sight to behold. Besides having bodacious bodies, I bet these ladies make a mean baklava.


Brazil never disappoints unless you wanted them to make it past the quarter-finals this year. Their sexy football fans were as hot as they always are and quite the flirts.


Despite losing two out of three games, German players can still come home to gorgeous babes like this one. This green-eyed vixen is the sexiest World Cup girl we’ve seen, and with her, we end our list.

These are just some of the hottest World Cup girls at the 2018 championship held in Russia. Seeing them on the stands and the internet made this year’s cup all the more exciting, don’t you agree?

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