Take a Nudist Tour of San-Tropez with Belgian Model Marisa Papen




Young Belgian model Marisa Papen travels the world and snaps daring photos with the help of various photographers. Her work so far has led her to places like Venice Beach, New York, and Jamaica.

Each time she defies public nudity laws and sometimes even causes an uproar. For example, her nude sunbathing pictures on a building roof overlooking the Western Wall in Jerusalem which you can check out here.

But let’s get back to the Cote d’Azur on the French Riviera, and take a look how she spent a few days in this famously glamorous beach resort.

Starting off with a swim, Marisa Papen lets locals check out her golden, sunbathed body early in the morning.

Right after taking a dip, it was time for a noon coffee in “Senequier,” a seaside cafe where people park their yachts instead of their cars.

Speaking of cars, she and her photographer rented out a classic car during their stay. We’re glad they took advantage of the incredible view.

At 26 and all natural, Marisa Papen couldn’t be any hotter. Just look at those perky tits! Aren’t they incredible?

Fearless in her quest for naked freedom, she flashes and dashes on busy streets.

A while later, it turns out someone forgot to fill the tank with gas. Doesn’t matter; it’s another photo opportunity.

Rising at the crack of dawn next day, Marisa Papen sneaks onto a private yacht, takes a shower and takes a dip in the ocean.

Quite the site. She looks like a circus acrobat ready for death-defying tricks.

With the sun setting and bringing her weekend to a close, it was time to dry off.

A farewell picture gives us a glimpse of Marisa Papen from the rear and lets us revel in her yummy behind while she rides the merry-go-round

For more of this young beauty, visit her website, or check out a censored Instagram fan page here. And if you’re in the mood for more sexy girls, check out some of the hottest Instagram models.


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